Vegas.... Day 3....

Day #3 saw momentum switch over to the good guys of poker. :o)

With our full intention being a return to the MTT at The Riviera, we sat down at a table of Let it Ride/three card poker early in the morning there. We figured we'd kill some time until the 10 am start of the NLHE event. We would not make the 10 am event!

I went on a run that I've only ever seen others get on before. Now no real monster hands as such, but a run of no-brainer after no-brainer, followed by dealt down trips, followed by dealt down trips turned boat, followed by a three card straight flush turned 5 card flush etc..etc...etc...

Let me tell you, there's something SOOOOOOOOOO special about having the pit boss at a gaming table, come over and ask if he can chip you up because, "you seem to have the vast majority of $25 chips available at the table sir!" It was now 11:30 and we'd been sitting there for a couple of hours. We took the chip up as a sign to leave happy. So we did. We left the Riviera and headed right to the IP. Back to Let it Ride and three card poker! How well did we do there you ask? I thought the chip up was very special at the Riv. That was until I realized I had "brown-suits" watching me at the IP.

Our dealer said, "you're on a good run!"
The Pit Boss said, "Quite the run you have going!"
Roz the Cocktail waitress said, "The guy in the brown suit, is security."
Bam-Bam said, "How come no one ever pays attention when I lose 10 in a row?"

Yep, I went ten winners in a row.

6- No brainers of which 2 turned into a set.
3- Nothings that turned into a pair of 10's or better
1- three card straight that improved to make the five card straight.

Then in a brilliant move, the lovely old girl that we'd met everytime we'd played at the IP, hadn't put her money on the three card bonus the very next hand. I put $5 on it for her. I get dealt trip Jacks and set my cards down immediately. She looks over at me and says, "WOW!" As the first card up is the 6 of hearts, she tucks her cards under the last chip and say's, "Let 'er Ride!" I ask what she has, but she just smiles at me the same way she had been doing on the earlier days. The King of hearts comes up on the river and she smacks her hands together and say's, "DAMN!" She was dealt the 3, 4 and 5 of hearts for the three card straight flush. The 6 of hearts gave her two outs for the five card straight flush and she wanted it pretty bad. The whole time, I thought her wow was for the hand I'd been dealt.

She tried to give me a lot of the chips she'd just won, but I kindly refused. So the next hand we played, she tossed my chip from the three card bonus spot back to me and said, "I got this one." It was my first loss since sitting down.

Up an awful lot of chips and feeling the hunger pangs of a degenerate gambler, I suggested to Peb's that we head out and grab a bite to eat. We left the second Casino of the day, up a substantial amount.

We managed to make it to one of the later NLHE MTT's at The Riviera and it was game on from there. Had it been a knock-out format, I think I would have made an awful lot of moola on this one. I single handedly removed each player at my table with monster hands such as, flopped Quads, flopped nut straights and several nut boat over boat situations. Today was my day and the cards just kept on coming. The four starting tables were breaking down very rapidly and by breaktime, we were down to just two. As I went for my smoke, I surveyed the remaining stacks, Pebbles seemed to be the chip leader over at her table as well. I sensed something special right at that moment. In the next 30 minutes, we managed to get down to final table. Everyone moved to the table I was at, and for a very good reason! It would have taken us forever to rack my chipstack at that point! Even chipping me up took the dealer and T/D a solid 5 or 6 minutes to do. What a feeling!

In the perfect situation that Hollyweird itself couldn't have scripted, it came down to me and Peb's heads up. One look at the prize money involved for first and second places in a $50, 36 player event and our decision to make the chop was easily made. Besides, the faster we got out of there, the faster we could get back to the tables.
(read : Degenerates!!!!!)

Later that night as we wandered around the tables at The Rio, we decided to sit down again. Let's just say that by the time we'd heard from CK and VinNay, we were about to leave our third very successful session of Let it Ride for the day. ;o)

I bought cmitch his Birthday beer as promised. We chatted with Bayne and CK a whole lot more, and met Pvanharibo, (although I was not aware of it at the time!) and a few others. So some drinks at the bar and some great conversation, made for a perfect cap to the night.

More later....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Mr. Bankwell said...

Sounds like a very nice run.

DrChako said...

You run goot.

Great write up.


My final out said...

Jeez BamBam. You need to teach me how to play Let it ride. Every single time I have played I have been crushed. Nice run Congrats.


Evy said...

you run very very gooooooooot

i'll miss you this weekend :(

muhctim said...

Nice run. Good things do happen to nice folks. Be careful though, that it doesn't spoil ya. That a whole loota brontosaurous burgers back in the 'rock. haha