Sunday Poker (a)musings....

Played a whack of games yesterday. Not sure why I was in the mood to be honest, but as they say, strike when the irons hot right?

As per normal, I started the day off with some STUD. I couldn't get anything going when it came to my game, (STUD) so when I saw a nearly full table of H/L about to get underway, I stooped to the Prevo level and had a go. ;)

I joke of course! Ken knows my feelings on the split games and although I think it's safe to say we see the opposite sides of the coin as it were, I can also tell you that I totally understand his logic in this game selection. The draw to an iron clad hand is missed by so many in the split game, as newcomers almost always tend to be completely focused on the high hand. The problem I always have however is the number of lucky catches that can be made, with two levels doing the paying out. But it is what it is and based on my own self confidence with the STUD variations, I know I should kill the game.

I managed to take down the win, with no really exciting hands to talk about. Well, there was this one I guess.

I despise the 'card-flip' feature on Tilt! I was rolled up as you can see, (or NOT! The Kd ~ 4c were flipped) and with his board showing 8c,9c,Qc on fifth, his outs seemed to be to the straight and flush. Once sixth street gave me the quads I just had to push and pray, that it wasn't the STR8 Frush I needed to worry about.

Being the fool that I can be, I took the winnings and ran away to Hold'Em. Where quite naturally I went on the sickest of runs, watching my folded hands develop into pot monsters. I know that there were five or six hands in a row where had I managed to stay in on the action, I would have scooped a shit-whack of chippies.

Being me AND it being Hold'Em, naturally I took a big hit when I was sure I was good after the flop. I re-raised the guy who had been playing any Ace like it was gold. I felt great about my decision when the cards turned up going into the turn as well.

Good that is,

for the entire 3.5 seconds it took, for the turn and river to do THAT to me!

I squeeked out a minimum cash there surprisingly so sticking with the theme of me being me, I went out to find another game I could suck at. That's when I saw this one!

A game with a good cause and a good friend, how could I not play? I sent out a mass mail telling everyone about the game, with the same five minute advance notice that I had. I figured even if one or two of you made it into the game, the cause would get a few extra bucks for my minimal effort. Young Mr. Prevo actually made the game and good Sir, I'm proud of you for doing so. I honestly knew that you would.

I started out pretty good in this one too.

Not just with the hands either because if you look very closely at that shot, you'll see that I had a rather special play-by-play colour commentator too!

Karma for my good efforts however, refused to play along any further. As the cruelest of cards possible made it's way to the river on me, just a little bit later on.

Once I busted out, I went to find K.P. and see how he was making out. Once I did, I saw he had just a minor little issue, sitting one seat to his left.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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