Closing Bedrock....

On account'a SNOW!

Now I am only 1,000,048 years old, so I'm not really the crotchety old "GET OFF MY LAWN" git that I've been perceived to be. But shutting down Bedrock? FOR SNOW???



This is solely my personal opinion of course, but you know your population is leaning a little too far in the direction of cultural diversity, when a little snow shuts down a town based almost entirely on tourism.

UH.... 85% of which is Winter fun.

Re-fueling trucks can't get to the gas stations.
Ski hills closed because there's too much snow!
School buses pulled off the roads.
(Okay, I get that one!)
But pulling Snowplows off the roads?

It's fucking white fluffy snow!

My apologies Grandpa Barney and Grandpa Betty, we've let Bedrock go to Hell in a hand basket!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out to have a little play!

That is all.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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The Wife said...

The pictures are beautiful - did I mention I'm so glad we don't have to drive in snow?