The 2010 Bammy Awards....

Yes kids, the time has finally arrived once again. Where our esteemed panel of judges are asked to make quite literally, a few of the toughest decisions known to blogdem.

It's time for The 2010 Bammy Awards to get shelled out!

First up, Favourite New Artist.

The nominees are;

Schaubs for Double-Baby-Bump
Josie for Very Josie
Cloud for Twitterpoker

And The Bammy goes to....

Very Josie!

Seriously difficult decision between all three of these great blogs. But in the end, I think the judges were swayed by Josie's constant cleavage shots. And we all know how the judges around here erm... feel about boobies right!

Next, Favourite Female Artist.

And the nominees are;

Mrs. Chako for The Wife
CK for Black Widow of Poker
Kat for Katitude
Gadzooks for OMGWTF: Its a blog

And The 2010 Bammy Award goes to....

Mrs. Chako!

You want to hear about tough decisions? This was BRUTALLY tough! In the end it all came down to just one vote between them. ONE VOTE! Apparently the deciding factor came down to a few minor little details. CK shutting things down for a bit, well let's just say that hurt her chances just a smidgen. Zooks basically lost on a minor technicality, as the judges were thrilled to stop by and read about the PokerSlut Tour. Only to find out that it was all about some silly little game of cards. SO disappointing and yes, there were deductions for incredibly poor sportsmanship on that one! Kat's last minute move may have hurt her in the end, as the judges are rather simple minded folks, not understanding or appreciating some real talent, when it's presented right in front of them.

It was also said that the last thought going into the judging for this category, was one brief moment during a previous WPBT. A moment my friends, that SHALL live on in the memory of the head judge, until all time comes to a stop.

This brings us to Favourite Male Artist.

And the nominees are;

Joe Speaker for The Obituarium
Astin for I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
Julius_Goat for The Goat Speaks
Ken P. for Poker Perambulation

The Bammy goes to....


Although this was no cakewalk either kids, it all basically boiled down to two very simple fundamentals for the judges. First off, "Humor is reason gone mad." With that thought stuck in the judges heads, it became a no-brainer once they all came to the exact same conclusion.

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

And with that, SeƱor Goat eeks out the win!

Next we have the category of Best Folk Performance, by a Duo or Group.

Our nominees are....

AlCantHang for The Bash
Otis for Mastodon Weekend
The WPBT for The Winter Gathering

This years Bammy Award goes to....

Otis and the entire G-Vegas crowd!

Let's face it, this one wasn't even close! First off, The WPBT was held this year without a single panel judge being present. HUGE mistake! There have also been recent rumours of course, that The Bash could possibly be making a resurrection of sorts, heading into 2011. Well kids, that's NEXT YEAR! The South-Cackalacky gang won this one hands down. Plans for the judges to repeat The Migration for years and years to come, have already been laid out. You will be seeing us my friends, as long as you'll allow it to happen!

The second last of our 2010 Bammy Awards is, Best Metal Performance.

The nominees are....

BadBlood for Metal Mondays and New, Old, Live.
Dr. Chako for Perseverance
Riggstad for Bangin' it Old School

The 2010 Bammy goes to....

Right off the top, Riggstad had to be disqualified. THAT.IS.NOT.METAL!

Our winner this year is, Doc Chako!

BadBlood was right there the entire way though, as he introduced our judges to some of the best stuff they'd laid ear to for some time. But in the end, it was the shear determination and intestinal fortitude of The Doc, that won the judges over.

And that my friends, brings us to our final category for the year.

The 2010 Bammy Award for, Best Performance EVAH!

The nominees are....

Falstaff for The Chosen
Pauly for Lost Vegas
DRIZZ for I Hear What Your Saying

And the winner of the 2010 Bammy Award is....


If you don't own either one of those amazing books, YOU SHOULD! But in the end as it almost always does, the nod seems to go to the seriously funny. I say it in person whenever I get the all too rare chance but DRIZZ, you just make me smile all the time and for that, you win The 2010 Bammy Award for Best Performance EVAH!

Congratulations to all of our winners and for those that didn't quite make the cut, know this, neither did I !!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

*snif* I'm just proud to have been nominated with such an illustrious group.

Missed you guys this weekend.


gadzooks64 said...

Wow! What an honor to be nominated!

Maybe I can win next year. ;)

Memphis MOJO said...

Good choices!

Josie said...

Awww thanks bammer. Didn't think I had a chance against photos of cute twins....hmmm photos of my cute twins won! lol

BWoP said...

Thanks for the nomination! I totally don't deserve it though, slack-off *blogger* that I am . . .

But I did manage to get in plenty of "face-time" with the winner of my category :-)

Drizztdj said...

I gracefully accept the award, with hopes of seeing the presenter soon.

Take care Bammer. :)

Katitude said...

truly an honour to be nominated. Who are the judges, so I know who to bribe with scotch next year?

The Wife said...

Thanks for the nomination, and proud to win. Would be more than happy to express my gratitude by kissing any of the nominees in my category. Oh wait, I've already done that. Multiple times. No WONDER I'm a winner! :)