Merry Quadmas Everyone....

Nothing suspicious about this at all! Let's face it seeing Quads about 30x a night or so is quite typical actually, in a standard 52 card deck right?

Peb's noticed it first;

"Wow" she said, "The last hand was won with Quads too!"

She gives one of those excited little squeals I've come to love, as she doubles up two hands later with pocket Astins. Only to follow that up with that little moan I hate, as she's moved to a new table.

First hand in and;

Quads again!

After she busted out, she told me to take a shot at a game.

About three hands in and naturally,

it's Quadmas!

Just a few short minutes later and;

Quada Claus cracks some Astins.

Now you know you're most definitely on the naughty list, when you refuse to play nice with all the other kiddies at Quadmas.

I take a short break to answer the phone, only to return to find out that I just folded a hand that would've made Quads.

So I do what I do and laugh.

Then it just gets.... you know, totally random!


Rinse; (7 hands later)

and a table move later repeat, just 3 more hands into the game.

I mean, doesn't everyone miss Quads four times out of ten?

Merry Quadmas everyone and remember, it's TOTALLY RANDOM you know!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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