Frantic Friday: The I miss me II edition.... (NSFW)

Hello my dear reader.

Long, LONG time.... no Frantic Friday!

Does it help at all if I mention that

I know, I know.
True love means NEVER having to say you're sorry!

But around these parts we've always thought that love, was a lot like Panties.

You know what I mean right?

You know what I miss the most about not throwing a Frantic Friday together at the last minute for you?

I really miss the

and of course, the all important

Trust me, Frantic Fridays have NOT gone the way of the Dodo my friends!

I'd just like to think of them as rarer and more valuable than ever, as we start to look forward to the future.

Perhaps Frantic Fridays might have to develop a more current or modern edge to them? Who knows?

Maybe this kid should truly consider the advantages of pushing the much more green and reader friendly version of

and all it has to offer?

After all who wouldn't appreciate the

enjoyed to it's fullest, all the while taking every moment to notice the

Uh.... no.
I already know that that would be about as useless as well,

Okay, how about this then.

I promise to spend the entire weekend without any sleep at all!
Focusing on what's really important to us all.

I promise to do my best to uncover all the available

in Bedrock!

After all, nothings too good for you my dear friends!

Particularly, if it's

Okay is it just me, or do really good double entendres totally RAWK!

I'll leave you now, as I head out on my totally selfless mission, with two final thoughts for the day.

Number one ~ It's always important to remember that what you're experiencing at the moment is, nothing more than a

But in the end we all really understand that truly, it's the Brunettes that please.

And as I realize that I do have to make a move to get my next mission for you underway;

Number II ~ Screw Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and the others. Take my word when I say that no sport on this planet, has more potential for total happiness on the whole, than the much underrated sport of

I know that life lessons occasionally cost you 5 to 10 minutes of your time around these parts but always remember, living a full life is ALWAYS just your next experience away!

Trust me kids make the most of being on this side of the grass. Because let's face it the alternative, totally sucks huge, sweaty Donkey balls for sure!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

As always, an excellent way to start the weekend!

The Wife said...

Lol - I am glad I didn't have time to read this until AFTER I was off the work network!