Frantic Friday : The Force is with me Edition.... (NSFW)

Over the course of the development of these silly Frantic Fridays, something has happened that has given me more joy, than I ever thought imaginable. No it hasn't been all the Boobs and Butts! I mean, they're great and all and they really do make me happy. But there's been something else going on. Something that I didn't see coming at all! But DAMN! I sure am happy about it.

I've always had a reader or two, that show up in the trackers as Canadian Military from overseas. Seeing these IPA's always brings a smile to my face. Conversely if they don't show up for a few days, I get all stressed out and worried about those friends that are working to protect my freedom and my rights.

I've typed out the phrase here a few times already, but just in case you're not sure where I stand on the subject, I'll let you in on the secret as well.

It's my opinion that if you're not willing to stand behind our troops, you're certainly welcome to stand in front of them!

So what's happened over the last several Frantic Fridays that's really made me happy is, the increase in the number of hits from our troops. With 36 hits last Frantic Friday from some not very safe or peaceful areas, it appears that someone over there likes what we're doing over here in Bedrock. So today's Frantic Friday, is all about support.

One thing that can be said about us around these parts is, we're all about getting behind our troops!

I can't begin to imagine how rough it must be for all of you over there right now. I do know that it's certainly no day at the beach.

When I read the weather from the area, I really feel for how hot, sweaty and dirty you must be all the time!

Some of you mention that there's really nothing to do but wait and see what happens next. I can't imagine that existence! I'd go stir crazy for sure and probably end up losing my mind in your situation. I'm glad that the facilities that some of you are staying in, allow you to work out to occupy your time.

I will be up front with you all though,

when I asked what you were missing the most, I sadly expected silly answers like a coffee from Timmies or a bottle of Canadian. I should have known better, shouldn't I?

Since you stop by here every Frantic Friday without fail, answers like a good Canadian girl

or the nice Canadian girl next door,

really shouldn't have come as a surprise to me at all.

Unfortunately, I need to keep this Frantic Friday a little shorter than most.

But please know that you have the full support

of everyone here in Bedrock!

Everyone around these parts, is behind

you all 100%.

So in closing I'd like for you to consider three very important bits of information. First, there are a lot of those good Canadian girls missing you too right now.

Second, many of them are telling me that they can't wait for your safe and healthy return, so they can put you through a few of their own 'night maneuvers.'

And my final thought for you dear military friends, comes right out of your day-to-day combat handbook! Always and I do mean ALWAYS! take good care of your boots!

Listen, if any of you end up finding yourselves in the Bedrock area, please look me up! I'd love to get the opportunity to thank you in person for what you've been doing for me and my family. I mean it! Please stop by. I tell you what. If you do, I'l take you for a ride in the ol' convertible

and we'll see if we can hook you up with one of those fine Canadian lasses. There's loads of them around these parts, that will gladly show you how well they stand behind our troops!

My sincerest thanks for all you do!

And my sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Memphis MOJO said...

I just come here on Fridays because you would feel bad if nobody read your blog. Honest.