Frantic Friday : The Dr. Bammer Edition....(NSFW)

There's really two key points to this weeks Frantic Friday. Firstly, everybody seems to be getting into the business of advice for the lovelorn. I figure if we put the second point together with that, the second point being Bloggers marry up, we could come up with today's theme and get all Dr. Bammer on your azzes!

So like almost every other Frantic Frantic, this one was put together to celebrate :

Because let's face it, we can't all be like Waffles and bury our heads deep into a game of :

Smart guys will always consider the women's wants and needs. Having a happy women, is the real key to :

So today let's focus on tips that'll help all you single azz clowns out there, get a little closer to the woman of your dreams. Of course, these tips can also be used to assist you in moving up a level as well! Because we here in Bedrock really want to see you succeed and the start to that entire process, is getting a women that you truly don't deserve!

When you're considering making a move on one of these fine ladies, take the time to do a little :

Be nice! Tell her how great she looks in that colour of :

Take the time to let her know that you've noticed how soft her skin is, since she's been getting those :

treatments at the spa.

Try and be extra patient while she goes through all of her :

And for crying out loud, always consider your :

and be very aware of your :

For Pete's sake whatever you do, do NOT show up at her place for a date, wearing one of your favorite :

No matter how clean it looks and smells, they just aren't getting you anywhere with the real ladies out there.

Now some very serious things that you will need to avoid at all cost while you're with such a fine specimen, are as follows :

1) Guys PLEASE! DO NOT keep staring at her :

2) Even worse! DO NOT be drooling over and oggling at another women's :

3) When you're with the women you want to be with, there is no reason what so ever, to be checking out all the other women's :


Oh, and if you're all full of :

and shit, 'cause you think you're "this close" to :

the best advice I can give you is, to slow down just a little speed racer! Chicks may dig that mad style of yours, darting all over the place, getting your groove on and crap! But you've moved up a level or two here, remember! You're the Big Dog now and you're running with the prize of the litter if you're doing everything correctly.

Take a little time to show her you care dude! Maybe make her a nice :

You know, this is a key time for you with a very special lady. Make sure to avoid going all :

on her now. Don't go getting all crazy and shit man! If she's worth it to you, take the time to do it right! It'll be SO worth it in the end!

But remember the other extreme to this as well! Make sure that you are not doing :

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING tells a women that you are not worth any effort on her part, like showing no effort yourself. If you don't make the effort to be special to her trust me, she'd rather stay home and watch the :

than spend another minute with you.

Now of course all of these tips and tricks are designed to help you keep the Blogger tradition of marrying up alive and well. So you only need to focus on all of them, if the one you're after or with, could potentially become :

So be focussed and clear on what it is you're actually after!

If your just hanging around with the boy's having a pint and trying to avoid all the :

Or maybe you were just playing a little :

when you were lucky enough to run into a pack of :

all bets are off dude!

Grab one of them beyatches and throw her up :

She's DRUNK dude! Talk her into something! Remind her about all that talk she was doing about some :

and bringing her :

friend up to the room.

My man it's your duty as a guy, to uphold the time honoured tradition of taking advantage of a drunk chick! Get'er done! She's bombed! you do not need all of the little :

and running around showing off your cute :


She's wasted AND wants you! Go ahead and tap that :

if you want to. She'll love it!

Nothing good can come from getting it all backwards either, so study!

Well, I hope this has helped somebody out there. I do like to try and do my bit for the Blogosphere when I can. For now though, I think if you work on getting all of the little things mentioned here done correctly, you'll stand a pretty good chance of marrying up. And that's what this is all supposed to be about right!

There's one more little thing I did want to share with you my dear readers. I'm really not supposed to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but I think you're all so special, I just can't contain myself any longer.

I'm working on a little project that is a follow up to something that went terribly wrong a while back. I think it's really important to right a wrong and trust me, this thing was a serious and down right scary wrong!

So how am I going to fix it you ask.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Aparently....... these things are a hit!
If you like what you see, tell your friends that I do this every single Friday.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


StB said...

I feel so inspired!

lightning36 said...

I looked at this late Saturday night. Uh --- that doesn't disqualify me from checking them out on subsequent Fridays, does it?