A tale of two mookies....

Mookie #1, The Plan = I not only sign up for a game that starts well past my normal bedtime, (since I get out of that bed at 4:30am every day of the week) but I drag brudder Chako into the fray by offering him a last longer side bet. "This is going to be a hoot!" literally came out of my mouth.

Mookie #2, The Actual = I play good Poker for an hour and a bit, trying the entire time to enjoy the company at my table and say a quick 'hey' to those friends that are at some other tables as well.

Mookie #1, The Plan = I'm fortunate enough to have a great bottle of Scotch available to me, so I can enjoy my time with my good friends.

Mookie #2, The Actual = No amount of Scotch, can make up for an asshole.

Mookie #1, The Plan = Enjoy the evening! As mookies come far too infrequent here in Bedrock, due to the, "start time" for both of us.

Mookie #2, The Actual = Eventual second place finisher VBPro7, might just be the biggest asshole I've been lucky enough to have never met! Forget getting me off of my game! I couldn't wait to get out of the game.

Rather than enjoy the game and the Scotch, I shipped my chips to a friend, shipped my lost bet to The Doc and then, I called it a night.

In all honesty, there's really nothing like an asshole of epic or VBPro7 proportion, to make it well worth the entry fee, the lost wager and the lost sleep.

What a great night!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

address and description... that's all I need. Oh and a little bottle of McCallum's for afterward.

DrChako said...

I still have access to heavy artillery...


Astin said...

Dude names himself after a Microsoft programming environment... we expect something else?

NumbBono said...

This dude made some comments to me at a some blogger game table a while back that set off my asshole flag. Looks like I was right.

He's a pretty subpar player from what I've seen. I'd call him a chronic donator to FTP.

I'll have to go look up the comments, can't remember right now. What happened this week with him?