Greg Gutfeld is a waste of flesh....

So some nobody said a few things about our Canadian Military, that might not have been in the best of light huh? Is this the idiot that couldn't hold a job at Maxim or Men's health Magazines, but holds the power of the 3:00am. time slot on the network famous for bringing an animated Gopher to one of arguably, the most popular Televised sports in the United States of America?

I got the right guy then right? Oh well. At least he apologised.


"he forwarded the message to a Fox publicist"

It's fuck-nuts like this ass-clown, that give Americans a bad name world wide. It's really a shame too. I have as many American friends as I have Canadian to be honest, and I can't believe any one of them would waste a moment of their time, watching, listening or reading anything that this waste of flesh has or will, ever have to say.

****And right off the bat before anyone that doesn't know me gets all jammed up, I am NOT taking a return shot at the US Military here. That is NOT how I roll! These are merely a few simple facts, that are constantly buried in American History. As a Canadian, I'm proud of what both of our Nations Military Forces continue to do to protect our way of life. Seeing them stand together to do it, always makes me that much more so.****

So listen here you piece of shit, dick-nosed nobody! Humour is based on truth. That's typically what makes it so funny. Just because your tired old routine using old jokes like 'aboot' and 'EH' aren't getting any laughs these days, does not give you the right to say anything demeaning about possibly, the most successful and supportive military force in modern history.

Let's take a look at a few facts and see if we can find any humour in them, shall we?

Do you know why The White House is white dick-wad? Do you know anything about an American Army invading York, (I better tell you that that's Toronto) and burning down non-military buildings such as Parliament buildings and the private warehouses that the mighty American military, had just finished looting? I didn't think so. Back in August of 1814, we took a British / Canadian Provinces military force of our own for a little trip.

How about a couple of really simple ones? Which should we do first? WWI or, WWII? Well, World War I does come first after all.

August 1914 - Canada as part of The United Kingdom, declares war on Germany.
April 1917 - Canadians win VIMY Ridge in four days. It had been fought over by others for nearly two years.
June 1917 - First American troops land in France.
December 7, 1917 - The United States declares war on Austria-Hungary.
November 1918 - WWI is over.

We stood for what we believed was right, for four full years. Standing by our compatriots and fighting where and when it needed to be done. America put 11 months into the effort, because of pressure from the Allies after The Battle of Cambrai. (A British attack that fails and the battle results in a stalemate)

In World War II, it went a little like this.

September 1939 - Canada declares war on Germany.
October 1940 - President Roosevelt, in the middle of an election campaign, promises not to send "our boys" to war, despite Liverpool England having been bombed for the 200th. time.
March 1941 - US initiates Lend Lease Act. "Allowing" Britain, China, and other allied nations to purchase military equipment and to defer payment until after the war.
August 1941 - After "the 18th. successful Major battle" by Canadian Forces of the 21 they had taken a full part in, The US announces an oil embargo against "aggressors."
October 1941 - Canadian Military estimates show a loss of 11,326 Canadian troops to date. The same day that the destroyer USS Kearney is torpedoed and damaged near Iceland, killing eleven sailors; they are the first American military casualties of the war.
December 7, 1941 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. Canada declares war on Japan.
December 8, 1941 - The United Kingdom and The United States declare war on Japan.
January 1942 - The first American troops land in Europe.

The rest is available in quality history books. Not the drivel offered up in the movie theaters.

I won't even bring up Korea or Vietnam. What a waste of life!

So that brings us to slightly more recent times huh?

Let's see. Operation Enduring Freedom was created on October 7, 2001. In January of 2002, the first in a long line of Canadian troops was on site and ready to assist our neighbour to the South. Seven long years and 116 fatalities later, we're not only still there by your Countries side, we hold strong and fast to several key strategical areas on the teams behalf..

Did you forget Mr. three-am funny guy, that our first four deaths in Afghanistan were from American fire? Maybe that was too long ago. How about the most recent four deaths that actually occurred a mere 3 days after your brilliant performance to nobody? Remember those four deaths asshole? Shouldn't be too hard should it? It was all over the 'real' news.

"Four Canadian Soldiers were killed while taking part in a massive operation to attack Taliban command centres and supply routes. Three other Canadian soldiers were wounded in the blast. American and British Soldiers were mostly un-injured, as the Canadian vehicles took it upon themselves to act as a shield for their protection."

I'll end it with this.

I'll just assume you have a massive ego and you don't give a crap about bad publicity, since it's better than the no publicity that you're surely used to. I also hear you're a blogger asswipe. Hence the title to this post. I hope by some miracle you're able to find this post. I'd really love to hear from you to discuss this further.

Since your not willing to stand behind our military forces, I'd dearly love to see you get in front of them right now.

Fuck you and the four assholes serving as a "panel" for discussion on news topics of the day, you ignorant and unappreciative piece of shit.

But as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...


I honestly don't know who you're talking about, and after this diatribe I won't bother looking him up. Know this - I stood side-by-side with my Canadian counterparts in the Middle East, and was proud to do so.

Everything else is just noise. Soldiers are used to this stuff.


Baywolfe said...

Yeah, this guy is off the radar for me too.

"And the White House burned, burned, burned, and we're the ones who did it..."
--Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

Also, for the record:

Roosevelt risking his political career, started the Lend Lease Act much earlier than October 1940 but it was kept on the hush-hush until it became Official Policy.

There were American fighter pilots in the Battle of Britian.

The Flying Tigers started operations in the Pacific in the late 1930's.

We were running a fairly substantial trade blockade in the Pacific which, ultimately, lead to Pearl Harbor.

Considering how vehimently much of the US was about us getting involved in "that European war", especially with no ties to the British Crown, I think FDR did the best he could. And it was probably just as well, seeing that he was primarily a pacifist, that Truman was the one who ultimately gave the final order to use Little Boy and Fat Man.

jjok said...

Gut is a moron. His show is all sorts of awful. Honestly, I've never heard a negative word about the Canadian military outside of the Southpark movie. And even then, the Canadians blew up the Baldwins......so alls cool with me.

Riggstad said...

LOL!!! You wrote "all jammed up!"

mizash said...

I loved it, every little bit of it. I wrote one too, we share the same gripes. I just started blogging...:)