Blogger hits big....

Back during the WBCOOP, I was lucky enough to have been sat at a table with one of our friends. Not that I knew or recognized this friend right away, as a new on-line name was being used for Pokerstars. New to me that is.

Our conversation during the event was all geared towards me trying to figure out who it was exactly, that was sitting directly on my left. That was tons of fun and honestly, mostly at my expense. Good times. Hey, I can laugh at me, there's some pretty good material to work with there! ;)

I'm slow and old to begin with so, this friends clues were not exactly helping me discover who it was I was having so much fun with. "I placed second to you in the first skills game." Dude, that was a century or so ago. "Don't tell me you're looking it up!" I finally figured it out with the clue, "I like big butts." Like I said, I'm a bit slow! You see ILIKEBIGBUTTSASAURUS, was my clever little play on TwoBlackAces.

Anywho.... if you get the chance, drop over and say GG to Fred for his $25K+ big win.

He's never been anything but nice to yours truly at the virtual tables and whenever I get the chance, I'm thrilled to be sitting down at them with Fred. That is, except for the thrashing he usually puts on me at NLHE!


I always say it and I mean it, it's really nice to see one of the good guy's of blogging do so well.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Thanks for the kind words sir....always a pleasure playing with you too...even when your shoving 75 sooted!!!