I'm exhausted.... I got to poker ! ......

Friday I played sexetary for Pebbles and she went for a new personal re-buy record in Katitude's Donkament. I can not speak for Pebble's, (as she was extemely sucked out on huge.. back-2-back-2-back-2-back-2-back) but I had a great time being the girly-chat guy. The Tuckfards came out and represented in a mini-force kinda way. NutFirth and DonK came out for the fun. It was cool of them to do so. I think they had fun and I believe DonK actually money-bubbled the thing.

Pebble's 5 beats in a row were horrible. (for the guy sittin' next to her too ! ) She did a great job on the first three, getting all the money in while way ahead. Twice with a set and one flopped straight to the J. Her sets were both beaten by higher sets made on the river, and then her straight to the J was busted by A-K off, when a J came on the river to give her opponent a higher straight. That would be enough to take the wind out of my sails, I am sure of that. Like a trooper, onwards and upwards she went. Only to have the theme re-peat and re-re-peat again. Her next set of 10's vs set of 8's battle, ended with the case 8 on the river. And then she ran pocket K's into the ever dangerous hammer. A flop of 7-7-2 was brutal to witness.

Saturday was TuckFards poker. I do not wish to talk about it on the grounds that I will say something mean and stupid !

(***author's note *** I am not going soft or getting smart. I am just doing a tiny bit of self prescribed tongue biting for now.)


Late Saturday night, I decided to go to work. I have decided to focus on my on-line forays as a part time job. I have a good work ethic so, I figure it'll help me keep focussed on the goals I have set. They are simple.
1) Make enough profit to play in my three fun games of choice for free.
2) Make enough profit over that, to set up a ladder where I can move up in levels as desired.
3) Have a good time while playing.

So Saturday night, I played successfully enough to play in either The Mookie or, Al's Riverchasers game. I am leaning towards Al's game because of the 1 hour earlier start. That can make a huge difference when you are getting up at 4:30 am.


Sunday was the start of our new "team" format challenge being held out in a South end pool hall. It's an interesting format with a group of about 15 or 16 five person teams competing. The TuckFard team consists of myself, Carson, Pebbles, TotalTilt, NutzFirth, Suzy_Q and our fearless captain... DonKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
It's a 20 week format so two spares every week should cover making a 5 player team each week. The format is NLHE at a one table game. In other words, you get points based on how you finish at your individual table.

I managed to draw "the Pro" table. Internet and basement game junkies. I fit in perfectly, well, with the exception of the "old guy" thing. I took down third and was satisfied that I did the best I could with the crap I was being dealt. I had a massive run of card-deaded-ness and lost 1/2 my stack to it. 5 beers, 1 scotch, 3 smoke breaks and an entire half of football, before I could actually play a hand better than 6-2 or 9-3 off suit. Sick run. I had to do a lot of hand disguising the rest of the way. I had flipped up 6-2 and 9-3 to someone at the table, maybe 20 or 25times. Now if I had a hand, I had to be fairly coy to stop the Lemming's from running to the sea if I touched any of my chips. I did make a decent read on a player who clearly was making a move into my blind. I re-raised him 3x what he'd put in. Once he folded, I table the six-duece face up for all to see. It was the only way I figured I could at least get some form of doubt in their heads on what I was holding.

My favorite pair 'O' T's came in with a strong second place finish. I knew she'd do well and she did not dissapoint. Knowing who she was head's up with in the end, I think she could have won had one of the earlier hands gone her way instead.

Pebbles and DonK were very unfortunate to have been blessed with the AssHat's of Poker, official mascot and poster kids. I don't remember DonK getting that wound up about anything for a long time. He had murder written all over his face the first time I had a look across. The second time, the AssHat should have just melted right there from the look he was getting. Then I saw DonK walking out the door. I could tell it was not for a smoke. He was really leaving. I think it was to avoid man-slaughter charges.

Believe it or not, Pebbles was even luckier! She was treated to "never played before, drunk from Saturday night still, I only did this for a friend, can't you see I play darts and not cards" guy to deal with. Who of course, sees a few chips in the center and decides to push... Every time! The closest anyone came to beating him in a race, Pebbles! When her pair of Kings managed to keep up with his deadly K-8 off pre-flop raise. She managed a chop and they split the SB. Yeah! He smashed pocket kings later with 5-8 off and absoloutely destroyed a flopped set of aces by going runner, runner QUADS with his ducks. Ouch !

Carson had issues with actually winning a hand. It became clear to everyone at his table that if he was in a hand, there was a good chance you could chop the pot with him. At first break, I think we'd played two 15 minute levels, Carson had chopped 3 pots already. That's just sick.

Nutzy subbed in for another team. He came in 3rd for them. Guess we sat the wrong player huh Nutzy??? LMAO.

I'm super happy that I at least got the poker players. Obviously that might change in the near future. I'll just put the I-pod on or something and metal thrash my way through the crap. That's the plan at least. Sometimes I find the way to defeat the biggest ass at the table, is to be an even bigger ass. Hardly anyone can put up with my metal when it's really rockin. I hope it doesn't come to that though. Last time I had to do it, the poor bugger beside me couldn't hear anything for a week after.


So what does a Bam-Bam do when a Bam-Bam is all pokered out for the weekend? Jumps to work on the computer. I made money. To say I crushed it, would be fairly strong. But I did depress it very, very firmly. The SnG's of choice, have been rewarding me well. I will be playing these games for as long as they continue to keep the old roll growing.


If you know me or have been reading my useless blurbs for a while, you'll know I don't sleep. Last night when I shut down Tilt and headed upstairs, I knew it was coming. I managed 4 solid hours of un-interupted sleep. This can only mean one thing, getting to Poker....

can be exhausting.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

Stupid game for jerks, thats what poker is.

The Wife said...

Dude, that was a novel! Thanks for the birthday wishes - can't wait to meet in Vegas.

The Wife