Giving thanks .....

Just wanted to wish all my invisibles down south,
( and definately those not on the home soil, where I wish they could be )
All the best on this Thanksgiving day.

I already give thanks for you every day! But since today's the day to do it down there, I'll go ahead and give thanks for you again.

Mmmmmmm...... Turkey & Stuffin' !!!

My sincerest thanks for stopping by....
( but you could have at least brought leftovers ;o} )


Bloody P said...

Happy Turkey Day, Bam Bam! Hopefully see you Monday night for the Tuckfard Poker tourney!

Irongirl01 said...

Happy turkey day BamBam.. Alas I wont be making the Winter blaggher gathering...Would love to play Tuckfard tourney but Mon-Thurs I dont get out of work till 7 PM EST and sometimes later as Im chained to a headset (even though I work from the house).

The Wife said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

13 days and counting!

The Wife