My Kuh-myoo-ni-tee.......part II...

First things first…….. Yes Carson, you were right.
There ! That’s over and done with.

With let me see….. about 16 sleeps, 12 crummy work day’s and approximately 394 hrs total, (but who’s counting!) to go until I let the real Bam-Bam loose on my
Kuh-myoo-ni-tee, I find myself reflecting back to that original post more than ever.

The swings now are even bigger than imaginable. From the ultimate high of having an invisible drop me a quick note just to make sure we’d meet during the trip, to the bottom of the barrel gut-shot of learning that one invisible will not be making the trip as first planned. Yesterday, I got the news from G-Rob. I can’t begin to explain how disappointed I am in this turn of events. My plan has always been to get an opportunity to sit and chat, even if only for a few moments one-on-one with the G. When someone else’s writing seems so familiar to you in that eerie kind of way, like you either had part of it written yourself but not posted, or you have thought about getting those thoughts down on paper yourself, it’s a must to make time to meet that person. My time to meet G-Rob, will just have to wait. He ironically enough, while I wax on about similarities, has just undergone his fourth knee surgery. Been there, done that.

Then this morning as I unleashed a myriad of emotions, (none good, but none violent) at the sight of a replacement sitting at the desk where I used to feast my eyes daily, on none other than my beautiful Pebble’s…….. I got an e-mail.

Subject line: Not Spam - Just Mrs Chako.

I used to be able to say that I do not blush. I no longer think I can. I realized that I was blushing with giddiness because she went that little extra bit, to make contact with me.
Me ! ( or should it be Me? )
The “lovely” Wife wanted to compare plans and agenda for Vegas, in the hopes that we could get together in that short little 48 hour period. My answer was simple,

“I can tell you for absoloutely certain, there is no way you are getting out of Vegas that weekend, without getting a huge hug from me.”

In between these highs and lows there have been many, many e-mails, posts and comments about this upcoming event. Some in jest, some getting final plans hammered out for a meeting time and point, others just constantly mentioning their personal amount of time left to go before they are there. The amount of previous stories from earlier events is growing everyday. Some of the stories I have read before, some of them are only now being told for the first time. It’s as if a deal had been struck to keep them on the hush-hush. It appears however, that as some returnee’s are getting closer to re-living the experience again, lips and keypads are loosening up a little more and more each day. But all of this is being done, in and with, that sense of real community.

A Kuh-myoo-ni-tee that I am very proud to call my own.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


katitude said...

Babes, plan not.

The weekend always flows better without them, trust me. If you're at the Geisha Bar on Thursday, the MGM on Friday and the tourney on Saturday, you will get hugged.

Depend on it.

And ty for the shout out - means the world! :-)

The Wife said...

Kat forgets that I'm a planner. I'm an accountant for heaven's sake. And I'm married to the worst planner in the world. Which means I have to plan for two.

If Friday gets too hectic, then we meet on Saturday. Hugs are good all weekend. I'm pleased that my e-mail can make your day brighter. Just for that, you might get a kiss. Or two, if I pull a Brazilian. On the cheek, of course. Unless . . . :)

Just kidding (in case my husband is reading)!

The Wife

Anonymous said...

Plans are just a list of things that won't happen. They set expectations too high and often make a good time seem like it could have been more.

Find your friends, raise a glass, and enjoy it. After that it's all gravy.

BamBam said...


I give you..... Carson !

He is that line from Armegedon,

"pretty much the smartest human being on the planet. You might want to listen to what he has to say."

Yes by the way... he saves me with advice like that all the time.

katitude said...

I think I like Carson *grin.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh shucks Kat… :-)

Sue said...

Behind every smart man is a much smarter woman.

Just sayin.....

Luv ya Bam Bam