Friends..... indeed....

If it were possible to change things for the better, I think everyone that knows me knows I'd do it. I mean, I can lift huge weights. I can struggle through the abyss and survive. I have walked away from a few of the greatest accidents recorded in history and carried someone on my back. I can not however, change time and the impact it has on friends. I can not turn back the clock. I feel powerless, unable to help my friends in need.

What I can do, is hope that anyone that comes across this will take the time no matter what, to act.

Two of us Blogger types, could use a little love. For completly different reasons.

Most Importantly... There's our Kat. Suffering from the loss of a very special person in her life. I'd appreciate it if anyone who stumbles across this mess of a post, could stop by and wish her some form of well wishes. If you read up on Kat, you'll know this has been a kick in the ass.

She deserves better. I'd love it if we could somehow let her know, invisible love is there for her.


Secondly, there's The Wife.

With a husband protecting those that can not protect themselves out in Iraq, Mrs. Chako has two whopping comments on this, her birthday. She is celebrating without the love of her life at her side.

Get it right blogger's. Pour your hearts into something special.

Ladies, my thoughts are with you both. The same goes for Pebbles.
We want you both to know, if there's anything we can do, consider it done. You both mean so much to us. We may be invisible, but the heart aches at the thought of both of your situations.

My sincerest thanks for stopping by.... and please, if you've been here, take the time to make these two special someones, know that they are just that, special....
A moment of your time to tell someone that you care. It doesn't seem like that much does it?

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The Wife said...

You are so sweet! I think I love you. In that way that I hope your wife will find appropriate. Or my husband, for that matter.

Can't wait to see you and hug you in Vegas.

I sent a message to Kat, too.

Cheers, sweetheart!

The Wife