Heed my Pandemic fools....

So much going on today, I honestly don't know exactly where to start!

I don't have the time I'd like to, to do all the links necessary. But you should just go and read the great work over at Truckin'. Once again, I have a hard time believing that you'll be disappointed. I love it every time Truckin' comes out! I think I'll have to make a dedicated effort to get a piece of my own finished up and submitted to Pauly for an issue. I may not be no Betty, (but then again, who is?) but I have had one or two experiences that just may be able to hold someones attention for a minute or two of reading. We'll just have to see how that goes.

The second item on the agenda today, is just a touch scary! In a good way of course, but scary just the same. JamyHawk asked me to spread the word about, FROG DAY at the Mookie tonight. The idea behind it, is to get everyone using the Frog to have a screen full of Donkavatars. If you don't know what a Donkavatar is, we've really got to get you out a little bit more!

Now I sans-skilled last night so there'll be no mookie love for this kid, but you should play.

I took the time to hit and chase that damn little white ball again last night. Phenomenal Spring afternoon/evening, with just a hint of northern insectabotheration in the form of pesky little Black flys. Once they're deep into the ear canal however, they're really not much of an eyesore anymore! Northern Canadian living at it's best, always seems to have a little something to keep you on your toes in order to really enjoy it.

Spring here means biting insects. So since I proudly call myself a hearty and natural Canadian, I say let the Bloodletting begin!

Speaking of little pests! The once greatly exaggerated rumours of the other-worldly little fellow making an appearance in Bedrock, seem to be gaining a little traction of late. It appears that there just may be some truth to this story after all. Peb's and I have dusted off the spare rock in the back corner, just in case. If The Blogfather really is blowing through town on his way to eliminate Northern Ontario of all of those pesky fish, he may just need a place to wind down and really un-plug. Lord knows Bedrock is the place to un-plug!

Now if we can just get some kind of word from The high society mucky-mucks in the Medical community! There were rampant rumours running around at one time, about a great northern get-together. Nothing has been reported on this since however, and it has been sent to the back burners of the Blogger gossip stove. Here's hoping that the topic gets brought up again sometime in the future, before the "further" West claims it's newest Daughter and Sons.

Now on to the bad news. Well........ REALLY bad news I guess! I may be responsible for the next great pandemic I'm afraid. You see, as I returned home from Golf last night, I wasn't quite ready to stop the bleeding as it were. So a little time out on the back deck seemed in order. That was when it happened! I totally went and got myself into just about the worst situation possible in these times of pandemic despair.

I just simply looked up and apparently, that was enough.

That's right! The Swan Flew!

Despite the tens of thousands of you out there that will catch some form of actual flue, we should probably shut down the World right now, to prevent the spread of this here monster. If we don't, the next thing you know we'll be overrun with avian germs the likes this planet may have never seen before. I mean come on people! These are avian disease carriers we're talking about. This is not a laughing matter of the bovine variety! What if this leads to the worst case scenario?

That's right! No one ever notices The Pigeon Flew do they! Well think about it now. At the very least, 80% of New York City wiped out in just one wing beat, all because we lacked the foresight to shut this planet down after what I saw last night! Heed me now folks, or forever regret your decision to ignore The Swan Flew.

What's next?

Oh yeah, last nights Skillz..............

Where the EF to start with that mess? I think the game time decision to play was best summed up in my little tweet.

"Skillz PLO.... stoopid decision, but I made it just the same...."

Bombed up on Sunshine and Scotch, clicking "REGISTER NOW" was just about the dumbest thing I could have done at the time. I acknowledge that I'm an Omatard at best and add in the multiples of the Glenlivet factor, this donk should've just said no! But it's $11 and there were an awful lot of friends entered in the event, so why not? Oh yeah right, Lucko! Another classic beat on a good read, all the while being the dominator in the hand. That is, all the way to chase street. I got sucked out on when I made the right play, that of course leads to another case of me going on Donkey tilt and building up a stack by doing the very thing that drives me so friggin' crazy. Yes! I chased one down with no regard to the play, and sucked out like the azz I was being. But I had no interest in playing the game. I just wanted to shoot the shit with Riggs, Goat, Ski, Gcox and Pauly and let the cards fall where they may. Short story made shorter, I had a little fun and sucked at cards once again! Congrats on hitting BINGO and taking it down, go to Jordan.

Finally, Dom.

If you know what that means already, my heart goes out to you. We've lost one of the best character acters and funny men of my era. Captain Chaos indeed!

The World is suddenly not as funny as it once was.

R.I.P. Dom Deluise.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

I'm totally stealing the Swan Flu thing.

We ARE coming to Bedrock, but since things have recently gotten interesting, I'm not sure when.

YOU try getting The Wife to commit to a date. Go on - I dare ya.


jamyhawk said...

Thanks for the pimpage