May the fourth be with you....

Another classic weekend of sucky pokering and debauchery, but just have to love life right now! What a beautiful weekend it was out in Bedrock. Sunshine shining and blue sky being as blue as I've ever seen it. To make my weekend even better, the love of my life spent every single minute of it, right by my side.

Peb's and I spent the entire weekend cleaning up around the cave. I always find it amazing what can hide under a few feet of snow. Oh well, such is the country life I guess. We pretty much burnt anything that would and organized piles of the stuff that was still too wet. After a bunch of walking the property and bending and picking up of branches and twigs, it was great to just sit around the fire with the love of my life and just enjoy the moment with her.

Of course if I give Peb's a chance to, she'll come up with some pretty memorable quotes during these times. This weekend was no different!

After a hard day at it on Saturday, we were up pretty early on Sunday to get a few of the lighter jobs completed. We were pretty much done everything but the burning by 9:30 am. Peb's said she was really thirsty so I handed her a drink.

This brought out a Peb's weekend quote :
"Oooooh Beer! WAAAAAAAY better than water!"

Friday night Al put on a freeroll for 899 of his closet and dearest friends. I was pretty juiced up by 22hrs. and was really looking forward to donking it up appropriately for the occasion. Then one hand hit and a little later on, so did another. In the first twenty minutes or so, I'd doubled up my 1500 chip starting stack. Then I was dealt Aces and had a big stack push back at my raise. My hand held and I was sitting on a 4x starting stack. Insane! All the while, I was chatting with Al and watching the action at his table as well. After all of that fun, he had me out chipped by about 165.

Then the typical card-deadedness managed to find me but that was alright. I had enough in the stack to wait it out for quite a little while, as the blinds were still incredibly low. So wait I did, and wait and wait and wait. I go out and grab another Scotch and see, I missed absoloutely nothing while I was gone. As I sit down however, pocket-rockets once again. There is a raiser ahead, a shove from a shorty with about 900 in chips and then a call from an absoloutley awful, (Yes if I'm saying that, they have to be pretty damn bad!) player to my right. That's enough interest for me, so I make it 4x the pot to go. The initial raiser tanks into his clock and then finally folds. The player to my right flats. Leaving 200 back?

This also brought out a Peb's weekend quote :
"I swear that's a sign to FullTilt. You just know he's going to hit now don't you?"

The flop came down a beautiful Q-A-3 rainbow and my pal to the right, insta-shoved his last 300. Easy call with top set and we show everyone what we are holding. Shorty holds 10-10 and my esteemed opponent got his whole stack in with, Jack-King off. Turn brings a deuce and the river of course, one of the two outs he had in the form of a 10 to fill out a straight. Brilliant I say. Just bloody Brilliant!

I believe Peb's quote was :
"How did you not see that one coming?"

Sunday I took a shot at The Brit Bloggament as well. I haven't had much of an opportunity to play in this rendition of the BBT so far. What with the 4:30am. wake ups and the starting times of most of the games, there really isn't that much of a window for me to play. But I saw a chance to participate yesterday, so I gave it a run. It was good to see a few friendly avatars at the table. Even better to see all of the Donkavatars come out to play. IMHO at least.

I got nothing and even worse, I tried to force that nothing into some pretty strong somethings along the way. So it was small chip up, small chip up and then monster chip spewage. Lather, rinse, repeat and there you have it. At least I can say I 'participated' in the BBT4 right?

This result brought about another Pebbles classic :
"Bam you should've tried to finish higher..... by pulling a Vinnie Vinh."

Hard not to love a women after having a beer with her at 9:30am. around the campfire AND she also knows you THAT well.

Side note to the weekend, we've somehow managed to keep all of our bird friends around for some Spring nesting. It appears that the favorite songs of Bedrock will once again be choruses sung by Orioles, Cardinals, Goldfinches and others. Even the Hummingbirds got into the act yesterday.

Sure felt like Spring to this kid this past weekend and I say, bring it on!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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