Frantic Friday : The Al went and hung Edition.... (NSFW)

Every once in awhile something so friggin' spectacular happens here on our Blogger :

that you tend to lean back at first and say, that must have been an :

I mean I've sat at The Pub with him and watched him play and I've sat at a few dozen virtual tables with him, and together we've played a little :

that way too. I honestly just never really expected anything this :

to come of his play. Hell, this is actually about as close to :

as we're going to see in our little community here!

From the first time I sat down with Al at The Pub, to the time that those two :

were trying to pick us up, I've really become a stout Alcanthang :

The guy does so much for us with very little praise, that every once in awhile you just want something really good to happen to or for him. A lot of bloggers would consider Al making it into the Tournament of Champions for this little BBT4 thing he puts on for us, as being a good thing. Well guess what? It's finally become a :

The frickin' Hippie went and did it! If you've been under a Blogger rock and haven't heard the news as of yet, Alcanthang went and won the Cadillac of weekly Blogger Poker get togethers. Believe it or not, Al is a MOOKIE Champion!

Now that he's accomplished that feat of great donkery and skill, here's hoping he can get himself safely back to the land of :

and focus on more appropriate goals in life. Like perhaps what degenerate deeds he may conger up for the next hot :

that happens across his SoCo enduced path.

But that's just about enough of the kiddie pics here. This is ALCANTHANG Championship territory kids! I should salute the man in a far more appropriate way.

So here's a few pics just for the man himself. A little something more befitting of his Championship status, and what I know to be his taste in such things of debauchery.

Salute Champ !

Well that's all Al. I hope as a friend that you find what it is that you are really looking for now. Hopefully you'll run across a little bit of :

or maybe even the perfect women :

in your new Champion status journies. But as always, there is one piece of advise I would like to offer you.

Always remember to clearly distinguish the difference between :

Congrats Al...... and thanks for all the things that you do for us.

Have a great weekend everyone!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Ah, Friday, the best day of the week thanks to you.

BWoP said...

Hooray for Al!!!

Amatay said...

I love boobies