Dial-a-shot =1, Technology = no score....

One of the key features about Bedrock and life at the cave is the social distancing when I really want it. Not to say we're hermits or anything. Just that it's great to be away from any type of hustle and bustle as we see fit.

The downside? Technology forgets that you exist way out there. Despite satellites flying hundreds of miles overhead dispersing signals all across the globe for anyone to pick up and use to run something as simple as a cell phone, Bedrock is what it is, a no signal zone of sorts. Best friends with the highest technological advancements in a phone, can get a signal with no problems. All they have to do is stand just about dead center of the driveway, (six and 3/4 inches to the West of center and 18 and 1/8 to the North to be exact) while holding their left leg slightly pointed to the South and planting tongue in cheek ever so slightly to the East, ought to cover it.

It's never been a big secret, that I am not exactly the biggest geek going out there. My technology limits know lots and lots and LOTS of bounds. This is also by design however, as I deem it important to be in control of who can contact me and how. But again, there is a downside.

Sitting out on the deck with nothing to distract me from the wonders of nature, makes me happy beyond content. It's my time to enjoy the life I live and take in the surroundings I've worked my azz off to enjoy. Nothing says happiness to me like the birds, the warm sun, a hot wife and a cold beer out on the deck, in the late afternoon of a beautiful Spring day. Last night was one of those most incredible of evenings. Just switch the cold beer to a Scotch for me, a Margarita for my Peb's, and you should be able to picture the perfection of the moment.

Occasionally something else will come along however, that also makes me pretty damn happy. This was going to be one of them. Last night I had an opportunity to have my first dial-a-shot with a friend. Although the shot went down and the basics of the conversation were semi-coherent at best, it would have been great to just sit down and shoot the breeze with Baywolfe a little bit longer. It just wasn't going to happen with my connection. With my Scotch in hand and hoisted in a generally South-Westerly direction, cheers and salutes were offered to a long-time albeit currently invisible friend. We'll have to do something about that invisible bit soon though. That shot went down a little too natural for a first time attempt. Something tells me we may be in a heap of trouble when we make the effort to do it in the flesh! Now that's something I can really look forward too!

Trouble at the bar, just seems imminent!

Speaking of bars! Have you taken the time to say congrats to the latest in the not so esteemed line of scum-bag Lawyers? My favorite little bendy Asian hawty, is all legal like in Las Vegas and ready to bring corporate America to it's knees. No doubt in my mind what so ever, that she'll be handing someone their azz in the court room, just like she does at the Poker tables.

Corporate America however seems to be fighting back in it's own regard. Seems someone was actually intelligent enough out there, to recognize the true talents of another of my friends of the red hawtness variety. Apparently Vice Presidents really do wear power shoes to make the right impression after all!

Hopefully these two never have to take each other on............................................

Wait a minute! They have! AND I WAS THERE.....

OK so that's another thing that makes me happy and content. So there is always that.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

"Wait a minute! They have! AND I WAS THERE!"

Oh yes you were sweetheart. Of course, with my title, her licensing, and our combined hawtness now . . . wouldn't that be nearly incendiary?

Thanks for the thoughts!

LOVE YOU!!!! (in a platonic, completely appropriate way - mostly).

BWoP said...


(And it was fun :-)

Baywolfe said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure we can do better and I know we will.

Maybe we meet in Vegas, maybe somewhere else but it'll happen. Just got to keep thinking positively.

And, you never know when some dude will just walk up to you at one of these group poker gatherings and say, "Howdy Bam."

jamyhawk said...

Bam... spread the word please: 5/6/09 MOOKIE FROG DAY!!!!!