BBT5 Freeroll recap....

I ended up 32nd. of the 107 that said they'd make it to the game, despite it being Mothers Day and all.

There were a few dead stacks still, but no where near as many as the last few go rounds. Nice to see!

It was a rather bizarre game for me last night. I had a few tough decisions to make early on, when a little hand-on-hand violence seemed apparent between myself and another of the players.

The first major one occurred on hand #53, when Dawn re-re-popped a pot she'd already made the first raise into. I'd re-raised her and there was another caller so when she jammed them all into the middle, the pot was big and I wasn't good enough I guess, to lay down the Cowboys.

Miraculously I wasn't against a pair of ones and somehow, I managed to scoop a pretty good pot.

The same couldn't be said after I raised it up around hand #81.

I played those Kings just awful! I made the initial raise, then checked and called it down all the way to Astin. Scared money is the easiest money right?

I then folded my way to hand #103, when Falstaff threw a comment out about "dinner arriving" after I'd raised it pre once again. I gambled on the Ladies and somehow

despite being ahead pre-flop, they held on for the win.

Weird things do happen!

On that note, here's a real beauty that semi-defines blogger NLHE! I'd folded about 40 or so hands in a row, getting a whack of crap cards along the way. There was a pre-flop raise and a call from my immediate left and then my right. The harmless looking flop created an all-in from my right and snap call from PokerGrump, who was the player sitting on my left.

Remember now, ALL-IN on the flop!


Still playing the part of folding machine, the two times I tried to time a steal attempt in the next hour, were naturally met with substantial re-raises that had me tucking my tail back between my legs. It didn't help that we were now also joined at the table by the likes of CK, IT, PushMonkey and Jim McManus either!

Here's the typical pre-flop action, into any of my big blinds.

I managed to get a courtesy double-up off of Joanada as a serious shorty in the game, when my pocket Astin's managed to hold on against her pocket sixes near second break. The chips were badly needed I can tell you that.

Then I made a brutal mistake.
(I know, I know! What else is new right?)

The hands that I'd show the entire game were pretty nitty.


I even folded 10-10 to BadBlood earlier on, having a pretty good idea that they were being crushed.

So after having my raise called pre-flop, I figured that this flop was looking pretty good to be within my range. I made a bit of a move at the pot, thinking that anyone could see how easily I could be way ahead at the time. When the turn paired the board, I'd simply represent the boat and as easy as that, the pot would surely be shipped in my general direction.

One small problem!

Apparently when you change tables the other players have no idea how nitty you've been playing and it really doesn't matter anyhow, if the board actually hits them.

Say it with me now..... WHAT AN IDIOT!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Shrike said...

That last hand ... I wasn't thrilled to be defending my blind but even I am not that nitty. No way I can fold on the turn and my stack was large enough that I could afford to lose if you really did have me beat. At least, that's how I justify my terrible play.


Wolfshead said...

Why the hell so timid with those cowboys. Preflop there is only one hand that beats you and if it's out there so be it. Go for it man.

And I see people still jammin early with the A-K. Glad you survived it.

BamBam said...

Shrike Sir, nothing against your play at all! I'm the Hee-Haw that decided to go with the move.