One of those nights....

So I make it at the very last second, and somehow manage to beat late registration for The Mookie. I bust out seconds later, gifting BWoP my stack by jamming the Asian Jew into well, THE Asian Jew! Natch she held a pair of ones and I was done. It's all good though, my mindset was all screwy to begin with so I probably never should have signed up in the first place.

Not ready to call it a night just yet, I sit in on an 18 player SnG where I am gifted every chip on the table by a few of the worst players I have ever been lucky enough to have sat down with. YAY me!
~ I think I now understand what it's like to be one of THE OTHERS when we sit down and have a pushfest! We were down to 7 players in 16 minutes and I had already quintupled up at that point.

So what's next? OH look! The Dookie is about to start and it's..... wha?.... PLO/8! Looks like it's going to be a late night after all.

With four minutes for first break, I head out to the great outdoors for some uh.... relief and a smoke. I turn the corner of the house and wham! Well actually, it was more of a grunt and some chattering, but I think you get the idea. I run into a Porcupine at the corner of the house and suddenly, I need a pair of pliers. Don't worry about me though, picking them out of a dog you've loved for a decade or more is far, FAR worse.

Maintaining the appropriate theme on the night, I make final table despite constantly seeing some split game hands like this.

You know the ones. They aren't really pretty, they just look that way!

Then keeping me awake with laughter, I'd get one of the real hands for the game AND someone to shove their stack in for me,

just so I could watch that unfold.

At the point where I can't believe anything else could go wrong,

how about we bubble the cash!

Not that it was that much or anything, I was just disappointed that I couldn't beat a player that was playing some serious four-card bingo at the table. It's a friendly game I know and the price is certainly right, I just kept getting it in good and losing to hands that I'll never understand being played. Riggs thumped him! So did Warsaw! They'd get it in good, hold and scoop a pot against kloper at least once an orbit. I get it in good pre, good flop and good turn, just to lose to some sick beat on the end. Losing when you play pretty good, well that just sucks but then again, it was just one of those nights..

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gentleman Jim said...

It was good seeing ya last night BamBam. It's been a while since I've played, and even longer since I've played well. Bubbling the Dookie is pretty rough.

Oh and those KKKA hands? Just jam, don't think first. :)

Shrike said...

I certainly didn't expect to go home without a cash from the Dookie!


Wolfshead said...

Didn't feel right for the Mookie but stayed up later playing SnGs and the Dookie? That makes sense. I hope you were done with your relief when you ran into that porcupine.