I thought I would Poker....

Ridiculous weekend!

After a week long battle with a company/contractor who destroyed most of our basement with their faulty plumbing, Peb's and I did a little 'extra' unwinding over the weekend.

Friday night I killed a bottle of Scotch and about half my NLHE bankroll at the same time. Just a genius plan that was! I ran bad, played worse and gambled it up big time. Never hit a single time either. Just re-donkulous!

It was one of those nights were it mattered not a lick what cards and hands I held either. Aces were cracked and over boats soon became the norm, as soon as I boated up myself. The NLHE game was a disaster from start to finish. As I've heard elsewhere, the "doomswitch" was set to kill all night.

Saturday after getting a crap load of work done around the house on a beautiful Summer like day, I sat down to build the old BR back up. I jumped onto a $1/$2 table and commenced to STUD it up a little. There was no one at the table that I had previous notes on so, it really was a fresh start.

I find a good table for me runs around 90 hands per hour and has about 50% of the players willing to see fourth street. This table did not disappoint at all. It actually ran right on about 95 H/HR with an average of 60% of the players going to fourth. Average pot size for a 1/2 game was a bit on the high side at just a touch over $11 but since I was taking my fair share down, who am I to complain? I managed to focus and actually play a little 'good' poker on the night, finishing up with just over one and a half buy-ins. I'll take it. I can say I only had one hand play out, where I was always going to lose the money I was putting in. Being cagey with my rolled up 10's and a gutterball straight looking chasers board, I was getting a player I had started making notes on to come along for what I thought was the ride I was taking him on. Silly me! His board also had a scary but still chasey look to it, but he wasn't going anywhere with his rolled up Queens. They're rare times when two players are both rolled up, but they do happen. The good news was that he was timid at the end and missed two bet opportunities. It had me wondering if he'd hit that straight on me and made me slow down as well. I lost a little less than I could have.

Confident that the Monkey was finally removed from my back, I entered a NLHE MTT.

Six hands.

Six frickin' hands into the game!

I'm dealt the 4c & 4d in my BB. Two limpers and the SB completes to take the four of us to the flop. BINGO! The flop comes Js-4s-4h. For those of you following along at home, DQB's! I am bet into, make a call and then have the earlier of the two limpers, jam it to something like 3x the pot. Things are seriously going my way again. Finally!

I jam 'em into the center and hope for the call.
I get it and see the Jack-Ace I'm up against.
Unlucky Sir!

Turn : Jack
River : Jack
All is now right in the World,
and I throw up a little in my mouth.


I think I just heard the switch click back on.

Sunday I took Peb's out for a little R & R on the Golf Course. Just a beautiful early afternoon to be outside, and on the right side of the grass. It was great!

When we returned to the cave, we had planned to wind down for the rest of the day out on the deck. That changed when the closest neighbour to us came over with some Jo-Jo puppies. Yes, Jo-Jo the Dog that thinks I am her Father, went and had six little mini-me's of her own. We still do NOT own a Dog thankfully, but damn it was hard saying no to Peb's when she wanted to bring home the one she calls little Mo-Jo. I even had a bit of a hard time myself, when it came time to put back the one with the two front paws with white patches on them. Cute little buggers for sure, but Peb's and I can barely take care of ourselves at times. We're gone so often and at times for so long, it just wouldn't be fair to the Dog.

The day an the deck went seriously South from that point on. Here's something I was pretty sure I would never be typing down on this here page.

My Peb's got PLASTERED!

What a mess!

I haven't seen her that drunk in ............ Well....... EVER!

I had to practically carry Peb's and the neighbours Wife back to the house from the back forty. Not our back forty either, theirs. Like carried them from the back of twenty five acres of dense bush!

Fun times! :)

I know it all has to do with the stress of not having any normalcy in our lives due to the basement issue. Fighting with a contractor just to get them to admit they have an issue is one thing, but this one still hasn't even lifted a finger to start the clean up! It's been a week for Pete's sake! Now I'm getting ready to get a Lawyer involved and put together a lawsuit. The stress is just a tick on the higher side of the scale right now. It's no wonder Peb's got a little uh.... 'sportier?' than normal.

Now it's back at it for yours truly, as I try to find a Lawyer that's a property damage specialist. This should be a lot of fun!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

"little Mo-Jo"

Good name!

BWoP said...

Oh noooooo. The evil JackAce :-(

How is Sloshy Pebs feeling today? Give her rots and rots of hugs for me.

Baywolfe said...

Here's a great saying by Mike Caro (he of the tells) that is absolutely no help at the time, but puts everything in proper perspecitve later on.

"The object of Poker is not to win pots, the object of Poker is to make good decisions."

So, you made a good decision, and the poker gods spit in your face.

It happens. All the time.

Mike goes on to say that the best attitude is to root for your opponent to win the pot. That way, "you feel great, if they win the pot and if they lose, at least you get all the chips as a consolation."

Very strange Zen kinda dude, that Mr. Caro. But I think I can just barely see where he's coming from.

Here's to better days.