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When I was first coerced into joining the Twitterpated, my skepticism went a bit deeper than the skin. I'm pretty sure my exact words went along the lines of, "Oh great! Just what I need, another social networking tool to monitor."

I freely admit that I personally, am probably not using Twitter for it's intended purposes. I hardly ever answer the question, 'What are you doing?' I prefer to utilize it in a way that helps me understand my friends a little bit better. I use it to stay in touch yes, but also to learn what else outside of The Blogosphere is going on in their lives.

I've come to the conclusion that the WSoP and our Poker Bloggers, was the perfect match for Twitter.

I can't say that I've had the pleasure of personally meeting cmitch as of yet. That's something I'm hoping to rectify going forward though! But I run into cmitch during the odd Blogger game and I also like to stop by his place and catch up on how he's doing on his blog. Somehow while I followed along on Twitter as cmitch played at The Venetion, things felt a lot more personal than a blog does. I personally didn't interact, but there were others routing him on at every juncture. A tweet here, a tweet there and a true social interaction, that goes far beyond a comment on a post or an e-mail.

Last year we railed CK through as much of the Omaha event as possible. Standing along the rail of an event at the Rio is not an exciting or as totally fascinating event as one might expect. Lord knows that the crowd can often detract from any pleasure derived from seeing something or someone exciting. There's also the riffling. The endless and mind boggling drone of chip on chip violence. The sound that you hear in your sleep for three solid nights, after only a few hours in the Amazon Room. Then there's the fact that "rail" may be where you are located, but who you're there to see may be buried deep within the multitude of tables and far from a point of easy contact for support. In some cases, your just there for support and the player knowing that you are, will just have to be enough.

But this Twitter thing!

This Twitter thing kept me constantly connected with @ckbwop and her run deep into the O8/S8 event that she just ended up cashing in 39th. place. Oh and by the way, doesn't it always sound better when you've cashed in an event that Phil Ivey won? WooOOOooT CK!

This Twitter thing gave me an opportunity to not only get updates from CK, but I could also see what her railers were all saying. I could see and almost feel the love, as everyone urged her on to her success. No post event comment on a post or I/M discussion afterwards, can do what Twitter seems to be doing, (for me anyways) as I track the folks I know at this years WSoP. It's kinda' caught me off guard a little, how much I've enjoyed it.

Then there's watching Al try to balance the Life Tweets and the Work Tweets. I think I had the over/under set at seven days, before the twain shall meet. Smart money was on the over, but just frickin' barely! :)

I also follow @RealKidPoker and @evybabee because I think they're both interesting persons. Having small meetings with both in the past, did not disappoint at all either. When I read their tweets, I can hear their voices and almost make out the facial expressions being used at the time. Both are avid Tweeters and they write some pretty interesting stuff. Like I thought I knew a few guys that rocked on Guitar Hero, but they should say hello to Rock Star Evy! Sorry Evy..... WAY TOO much time on your hands to get that good! :)

So going into this thing called Twitter I have to admit, I wasn't really sold on it. I don't know if I was even sold on any part of it until the WSoP started to be honest. But now I see a potential to communicate en-mass and stay informed. Better informed in fact, than I think I would be otherwise.

And I personally think that's a good thing!

To break it down I guess, Twitter can be whatever you want it to be. It can be utilized as you see fit and it does give you the control to decide who you follow and who follows you. There's also rumours of a special new twist coming to Twitter! They say that soon, the network will be chalk-a-block full of 140 character gourmet recipes! :)

So if you're interested in following along with the exploits of some Poker playing Donkey from Bedrock, you can find me here. Maybe I'll start using the thing right myself every once in awhile, and I'll actually answer that "what are you doing?" question.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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BWoP said...

I swore that I would never join Twitter. I already spent enough time as it was checking blogs / Facebook.

But then I realized that I had friends who were doing real-time updates of their tourneys on Twitter. So I gave in.

And I love it :-)