Frantic Friday : Dr. Bammer's Physician, heal thine own self Edition.... (NSFW)

Some day's even my half full glass isn't good enough to get me past all the crap that's going on. This Frantic Friday, just happens to be one of those days. So it's with my Dr. Bammer hat on that I go about trying to right all the wrongs, and make something better come out of a truly craptastic situation.

I'll worn you right now as a fellow Canadian that for this Frantic Friday, you should probably be :

Oh sorry, and for all of you American readers :

Don't blame me! I don't make your silly laws and crap! It's not my fault your Government thinks you're all little punks for three years more than us so "ya'll" can :

OK before we go any further, I have a little house keeping to do. Because of where I'm taking this Frantic Friday, it's important that you do a small amount of reading before going any further. I feel the need to CMA here folks, you never know who may be reading.

So before you can see any more of this Frantic Friday, you must review and agree with Bedrocks :

If you're still reading at this point, I'll take it that you are in agreement with said policy and we shall move on, free of all responsibilities for your actions.

BUT if you're still reading here as part of a plan to make some big fuss about where I take you with this little Frantic Friday, this kids got a little sumpin' sumpin' for you as well.

Like I've always told you dear reader, I learned the vast majority of all of my life lessons at a very early age. Some of these lessons of course, have come as the result of trial and error at my own hands.

So sue me! Don't want me doing that? Do what everyone else does, let me know in some subtle little way. I mean, if my neighbour next door can figure this shit out and post a friendly little reminder :

The lot of you smart cookies should definitely be able to come up with something right?

I also learned at a very young age, how this thing we call life on this big flying rock really works. There are rules and the most important one is :

And I'm totally OK with that Ladies! I get it for goodness sake. If you were to walk up and ask me why I agree so whole heartily, it's simple. Everyone knows that girls just taste better!

SEE ! Even smart Girls get it!

Now since the inception of these crazy Frantic Fridays, I've longed to use them to teach you a little something about me. It may be that I adore the female form, or it could just be how I go about looking at things. One thing for certain though, when I can cover both :

it usually works out better for everyone.

It's always been a goal :

to share my appreciation and total infatuation with the form of our fairer sex. Sometimes of course, this tends to get me in a little trouble. On more than one occasion your hero here, has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

But like I always try to teach you, sometimes when the cookie is really worth it :

what's a trapped digit every now and then?

The secret is to not leave any signs that you were around the jar in the first place, let alone the actual cookie! If there's even the slightest trace left behind :

there's a really good chance, in fact I'd say excellent chance, that you are going to get caught in the act!

How you handle those situations when they occur, will totally define the risk and reward of going after the cookie in the first place. It's really up to you so, choose your actions wisely in these spots!

Speaking of handling. I don't know how you go about picking yourself up off the ground after a weeks worth of corporate but kickings, but for me it has always been about going out to play. Just last weekend I created a new game to keep myself busy. A new game that anyone can play. I'd love to tell you about it.

Why don't you go grab a drink :

grab your chair :

and hold on.

Because Dr. Bammer only has one thing to say.

So last week I was feeling pretty stressed out too. People were starting to tell me, that they could really see it in my face.

When that happens, I revert right back to my inner child and I look for some play to settle me down. So if you're ready to hear about this game :

here are the rules of play.

1) Find a few Pennies.
2) Choose what it is that you want to see. CHOOSE WISELY. This is very important.
3) Find a spot that has that something that you want to see. (The more the merrier)
4) Find a spot for your first Penny and place it there.
5) Sit back a wait.
6) Repeat as often as desired.

I'd love to hear how you like this game. I took my camera last weekend when I played, so maybe you could too. I love to hear about the times that like me, you couldn't stop yourself from yelling out :



And of course :

BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuINGO !!!

Well that's all the time we have for today kids, so this is Dr. Bammer wishing you all the success in the World with this new game. And no! There is no need to thank me. I figure we're all in this community together right? I think it's like our duty to try and help :

each other out, in any way we can.

Hopefully, this did a little something to help you in some small way, shape or form. I certainly know that I feel a lot better! Now all I need to do is see what my Peb's is up to.


I see the forecast is calling for another excellent weekend!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

Sorry Brudder.... I just never "read" these posts :)

DrChako said...

That's my kinda doctor.


KenP said...

Help for the decrepit is at hand: http://kenprevo.blogspot.com/

Those even slightly smarter than the Bammer can ignore the link. Looks like I'll only get a hit from Bam and Waffles.

Actually, just go look and delete...