Frantic Friday : The Easily Distracted Edition.... (NSFW)

It's really no secret but just in case we haven't actually met face-to-face yet, the kid that hangs around here is really, REALLY easily distracted.

I mean it takes nothing at all either! If you can :

that almost anything can be a :

for me, then it shouldn't be that hard for you to consider what happens when you simply add :

Yeah, I know! But I'm just simple that way I guess. I get thrown off by even the smallest of distractions and when things get all combined and shit, I have no chance.

Like if I were to run across say :

at the same time, I'd be completely useless.

I actually don't even need the Beer when things are done in combos! Just throw something shiny into the equation like :

and I'll be a mess.

It really isn't my fault though right? I mean, I was taught to appreciate the finer things in life from a very early age. Take a look back at an old picture of me when I was just a baby, and I don't think you'll find it hard to see where my love and appreciation of :

came from.

Am I right here or what?

You never want to see the heap of uslessness I become, if the distractions come at me in threes! No siree Bub. Get me in a distraction :

and you might as well forget using me for anything related to intelligence.

You also don't want to get me messed up with any of those double entendre distractions, take for example the :

Listen, maybe I'm not getting my point across properly at all. Let's go through the latest example and maybe, just maybe, it'll help you to see how easily distracted I really can be.

OK so just the other day, I wanted to take the Deathmobile™ in for a :

As I drive up to the area where you pay and get in line, this incredibly hot attendant starts walking towards me. I felt like rolling the car back a little you know? Just to try and make that walk of hers last a little longer!

Anywho.... I rolled down my window and she walked a bit closer and asked :

Good Lord son, let me tell you what. So many possible answers came to mind right at that very moment, that I think I actually let a little :

out! If I didn't, it would've been a miracle.

More on my distraction? How about the three guys honking their horns at me from behind my position in line? That hottie was looking just as good walking away from me and I wasn't moving anywhere just yet. When I did eventually lose site of that fine and very :

I started pulling the car ahead a little.

Stuck in the back of my mind though, was the total distraction of the little touch of :

she was also showing. Man that was nice!

OK so I pull up to the point of almost going into the wash itself. That's when I notice the two attendants at the front are totally drenched. They looked really happy and all, but it wasn't the hottest of days and they probably should have taken the time to get out of those soaking :

Now here I am trying to be all nice and care about their well being and stuff, when I'm distracted again. Yep, as they're starting to spray and soap up the front of the car, one of them's proudly displaying her :

Here I go again, Sheesh!

After I stopped staring at her ass for what seemed like an eternity and way to little time all at once, I noticed that she was also a fellow bird lover. Her shirt had something about her love of the :

on it. Nice!

So I'm just about through the wash and as I approach where they're going to towel down the car to finish up the drying, I hear :

I look over to the side a touch and there in a chair, is this seriously hot :

I'm like, no one is EVER going to believe this! I had to figure out how to tell someone though! So I started :

Riggs. I figured I'd tell him about it, then shoot a pic to go along with the message. I never got that far.

Just as I started the message, the :

"Girls, that car is not clean enough. Do it all over again!"

She also told one of them to get in the car with me and since I'd been put out so, they should, "do a real number on the interior and exterior this time."

So the other hottie from earlier on at the front, jumps right in the Deathmobile™ with me. Now that I was getting a much closer look, I couldn't help but notice how much she actually looked like :

I mean :

I remember as a kid going into the car wash with Barney, the only thing that ever held my attention were all the little :

the mist used to make.

My how things have changed huh. For the better of course!

So we go through the whole process again, only this time I've got some really hot company. As we approach the front to get started again, there's the two drenched wenches ready to get to soaping.

My passenger lets out a whisper of a sigh... no, more like a gentle moan or purr and say's, "Don't you just love little :

like that?"

It was then I noticed that she was referring to the thong display ahead.

All I could say was :

I remember being really, really :

right there and then.

Son of a gun! I'll be damned if I can remember what this post was supposed to be about!

MAN I get distracted easily!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Friday: My favorite day!

Wolfshead said...

Bam, if it wasn't for you i'ld lose track of what day it is.