With time to spare....

As part of my Blogger community service hours, it appears that I need to provide some type of actual "service."

We all know writings out!

Poker lessons..... BA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.

I think I give enough positive life is just so frickin' incredible, honestly people listen to me and keep that glass half full is the only way to live your life advice, that it should count.

But apparently not.

So instead I offer you something from my other forte.

Here are my three top, (current) time wasters.

1) This one just makes me smile all the time. Even when I'm not watching, I keep the sound on in the background. I saw the large one of the three born... uuuuuuh.... well, we'll just say some time ago. Now I check back daily.

2) Feeling destructive? Crush the Castle may just be what you need. Easy-Peasy-Remon-Squeezy, Crush the Castle just makes you feel good about yourself. I mean nothing say's I'm successful, like causing the deaths of thirty-two Kings and Queens hiding behind a little block and wooden beam.

You fire up your Trebushet thingy :

and try and destroy all the life in the little Fort like thingies.

Honestly, it's a blast!

3) For the less destructive but highly competitive of you out there, there's always Sky-Sling. Pretty simple game actually. You just pull back on your sling to fire a ball.

Get rid of all the black dots and move on. You only start with 50 shots so, some of the levels up in the twenties can be rather interesting.

It's a thinkers game that's rather addictive.

What could be more fun?

No no, don't thank me now! Thank me after you've lost your job because, "just when they thought you couldn't possibly be any less productive!"


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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KenP said...

I always knew you were for the birds. Just didn't realize your size preference.