Life, Death & Taxes....

Right off the top, huge congrats to my friend JJOK and also to ACTYPER, for taking down the BBT4 T.o.C. WSoP seats! That's an awesome accomplishment in my books!

Speciar congrats arso to CK. Third prace in that fierd, is trury an incredibre thing! :)

I also want to say a big thanks to Al. What he's done for us as a community over these four series, is nothing short of amazing. I'd expect that he won't be seeing any un-closed bar tabs, when any of us are around him for the next little bit. Oh and SoCo neat, water back should do the trick, if you just so happen to see the man.

I didn't get to join in on the fun as much as I wanted, but I donated my share to the prize pool every chance I did get.

= = = = = = =

Sadly, I had a cousin pass away this weekend. A brain aneurysm pretty much took control of him for his last 48 hrs. on this rock. He'll be missed very much. God's speed Darrell.

It seems that with every death that comes my way, I tend to lean harder and harder on my half full glass. This weekend was no different. Firstly, it took almost no time at all from when I first heard the news about Darrell, to discover a new life right in my own backyard.

Hopefully it won't be too long before he get's a little of his Father's red hair,

and will join Mom and Dad out by the deck.

Then Peb's and I took in one of our favorite activities around these parts this weekend as well. It was the Spring version of the Automotive Flea Market, just up the road from us in Bedrock. Anything automotive that you can imagine, can probably be found there. There must have been 1000 venders there this weekend. Some big company's like Maguires and Mothers selling waxes and polishes of course. But mostly it was full of the small guy with a garage full of bits and pieces, all putting everything out for any reasonable offer.

There are also cars. Hundreds and hundreds of some of the finest classic collectable cars you'll ever see, all in one place. From mint condition early Mustangs,

to a Crown Victoria with a paint job, that just had to be seen.

This was almost an entirely American Classic collection, but there were a few exotics thrown in the mix here and there. I even saw one that The Doc just might have liked.

Hell! With all of the American Muscle that was just sitting around looking so damn fine, I even managed to find the perfect car for Waffles!

Peb's was getting really, really close, to thinking about runnin' some shine in her Big Block Plymouth.

I think she'd look pretty damn good behind the wheel of that thing. Mind you, I think my Peb's would look pretty damn good, no matter what the hell she was driving!

Despite not going there with the intention to purchase anything, and seeing a couple of my favorite


Darrell's passing had a way of reminding me, how short life really can be when you think about it.

So when I ran across a make and model that has always peaked my interest, I went and did a little more than take a good looking picture of it.

In fact, I just got off the phone with the 'current' owner and negotiations are now under way. I think this little '64 Fury from Arizona is going to look mighty fine sitting out in front of the cave don't you?

Oh and no.

It definately isn't holding a cute little 225 slant six under the hood!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


KenP said...

Transient is a nasty word. Especially when the timing isn't fair.

What have you got against the ol' slant 6? That was in my first new car. First year the Barracuda hit. Had nice accessories too...AM radio!

jjok said...

thank you sir!

I'm a big fan of classic cars and that fury is excellent.

I've been eyeballing a fatfender for a while now.....been pricing 46-48 chevy's.

But can I actually commit to it? hahaha

Plus, how nice would it be to cruise on a Saturday night in a 49 merc....another I'm eyeballing.

Good luck in negotiations.....

I'm fick

Wolfshead said...

Sorry to hear about the cousin. Life is really a bitch.

What the hell are you goinng to do with that Fury anyway? Garage it? From the pictures and descriptions you post you should be looking at a good Sno Cat and maybe a couple of Polaris or Arctic Cat snomobiles.

Sean D said...

Get whatever you want. That's the great part of life CHOICE!

One of these days I will work and find time to work on the 67 Stang that is taking up room in my garage.

Best to Pebs and Fred.


Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin -- sucks.

Thanks for the photos!

BWoP said...

Thank you Bammer :-)

I am very sad that you will not be on the rail when I'm playing the WSOP event this year. It was great to look over Brenes' head and see you standing there.


DrChako said...

Sorry for your loss. Half full, baby.

Sweet Ferrari. For sale? You and me - cruising the Canadian highways... How 'bout it?