Frantic Friday : The Good Decisions Edition.... (NSFW)

As I sat back and focussed on the plans I had for the rest of my day, I realized that I'd need to make a few good :

So I figured I'd better start the day with :

As I was eating, I sort of had :

It came to me that I should write something about :


It's way too nice to sit inside and play that game and besides, with what the girls are wearing with all the nice warm sunshine around these parts, I really lack the :

to put such a post together.

So instead I :

up something in the form of a little early :

So sit back and relax, while I work out where this Frantic Friday is going to take us. Maybe you should do like me and grab a :

to sip along the way.

I'm thinking we should take full advantage of the :

available, since they really are a :

We don't want anything around here, to start :

Speaking of :

I'm really hoping the weather cooperates just a little this weekend, as I have plans to get down to the beach to do a little "ART" window shopping and maybe even a bit of :

If the weather does hold up, you may even find me out at the :

checking out all the swingers.

One thing however is for certain. No matter what the weather does, this weekend you will not find me stuck down in :

or basement playing :

In fact I'm pretty sure the only way you'll find me inside for any period of time over this weekend is I'll be sleeping, or taking advantage of any :

to take part in some :

with my Peb's. But who says that has to be an inside sport anyhow?


Maybe I can get Peb's into one of those :

or :

that she looks so HAWT in!

And I mean HAWT as in :

A weekend with my red-HAWT Peb's, NOW THAT's A GREAT DECISION !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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lightning36 said...

Always an excellent way to start the weekend.