Take a moment or two, they're small....

Just a couple of brief points.

Corporate Bedrock has a thing for my azz today it seems, so not a lot of time to get anything jotted down.

But there is time to hope that you'll stop by Otis' place and let him/them know that your pulling for them real hard.

I personally can't even begin to imagine what their going through. I've been extremely fortunate to have had a VERY un-eventful childhood, of Not-so-mini-Peb's. All the scraped knees, cracked heads and cuts and bruises are expected. These are just the rights of passage to the next level. All pale by comparison, to what they must be feeling at every turn of events.

= = = = = =

House cleaning time again. I'll be sorting and sifting through the connections over to the right there, probably over the next couple of days. I'll be honest with you, those links are the places I really DO try to read daily. Some aren't writing for one reason or another and most are sorely missed. But as with most things, a little cull might only make it stronger. It's far from anything personal.

I may just add a section for links and move it a little bit down the page.
Who knows?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Sean D said...

Have faith, that I am back.

Just had to deal with losing my job and then not losing it.

I had priorities.

But I'm back and I don't have the man watching over me anymore.