The Moneybammer effect ? ....

On the one hand, (or should that be in?) there's almost nothing left.

To buy that is!

Peb's and I just dropped a tad shy of a WSoP Main Event buy-in over the weekend, what with home improvements being all the rage around here.

There's a new Tankless Water Heater and Iron Filter to be installed. Something like eighty new 2" x 6" x 16' deck boards on their way to the backyard, so the cave can have a new dance floor! Oh and the new Garage Door Closer, is already up and has done it's job perfectly. The Garage door is closed! Now if I can only figure out what the Hell I did wrong, so I can get it to be a Garage Door Opener too! Several other various projects were also acquired and it looks to be a pretty busy Summer out in Bedrock.

Blows my mind how easy it was to just wander around and disperse cash all over the Town! It almost came too easy for me.

"That'll be $2500.00 please Mr. Bam."

"Okey-Dokey. Here you go!" and it was said with a smile on my face. Just down the road, there was another similar conversation.

"Isn't that one just a little bit better? I'll take it instead."

"Ah excellent choice there Bammer! I'll need $1700.00 from you for that one."

"Seems reasonable." came from between these lips, as if it was $1.50.

Now I'm far from cheap or anything like that, but it's not everyday I run around spending five figures either! It was a bizarre combination of exhilarating and terrifying. A bunch of Fun and Fear, all wrapped up into one massive explosion of spending.

Yes, this weekend we did our best to provide an economic stimulus for the fine folks around Bedrock. We didn't exactly provide the entire bailout package that they may have been looking for, but I could certainly tell how much this little shopping spree meant to a few of the fine folks actually doing the work out on the floor. Several of the purchases were made "outside the box" because I feel that those businesses are the real hub of our community. But when it came time to grab those bigger ticket items, unfortunately there was no one that could compare in price and bang for the buck, like one of the bigger "boxes" out there.

For a couple of items I saved hundreds of dollars, got WAY more features and really am happier overall with the product in general. I felt a little dirty though. Oh well! I've washed up and I'm over it now.

So lots of Money flies out, just as some new Money takes the time to drop in.

I fired up all things Twitter this morning and much to my surprise, I had picked up another follower. I actually dread going to see who the new followers are, as it seems I'm a magnet for spammers looking for their own economic bailout packages.

This morning however, was a pleasant surprise indeed. The Money coming in I'd mentioned, was this guy.

What kind of "effect" do you think this could have on me?

Should I suddenly feel the urge to be funnier or more entertaining when I Tweet? Perhaps I should start detailing my "every man makes good" kind of lifestyle stories in Tweet form? Hmmmm......... I'd better "make good" first I guess huh!

Who knows why or how? Still, a pleasant little surprise to get my day started.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you've been busy. That's good.

"The Garage door is closed! Now if I can only figure out what the Hell I did wrong, so I can get it to be a Garage Door Opener too!"

Too funny.

DrChako said...

If CM stops by, tell him we all said thanks!


Sean D said...

I know the renovations crap too. "Wouldn't French Doors look good in the kitchen honey?"

Have faith brother, it'll all be done soon!