Almost top 10....

Percent that is!

Pebs ran a $2 buy-in into a nearly top 10% finish in last night's Double Duece. Her $2 buy-in and perserverance during the game paid off however, in the form of winning $50 for her efforts. The language she used when she busted out with K-K vs. A-4, ( to a rivered Ace of course ) is not exactly "Family Day" material I'm afraid.

That's what it is here in Bedrock though, Family Day. What a great idea! Sticking an extra long weekend in the year, right when it's really needed. A little something to break up a long and dreary winter.

We spent the day with Fred and Wilma and had a blast. On the way home, we experienced a bit of Canadiana that couldn't have been scripted any better. Picture a farm field with ice from recently melted snow, covering an area of about 5 Acres. Now imagine the Hockey game that was taking place right there, out in the middle of nowhere. Car's and Van's were just parked along the side of the country road, as the little ones chased pucks, the parents chased the little ones and the sky was a blue that had not been seen for a very, very long time. It was one of those moments when I really wished I had my skates and stick. The smiles on the faces of everyone from the kids to the parents, might just have been brighter than the glorious sun that shone brightly down onto the makeshift rink in the country.

Family Day. What a great concept!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....