Frantic Friday : The BadBlood wants it Edition.... (Uhhhh....NSFW..... at all !)

This was a comment from our last Frantic Friday ;

"Very cool stuff, but if you could focus more on thongs and asses next Friday, it'd be cool with me." -BadBlood

Now since I kinda' like the guy AND he's invited me down to South Cackalacky for some poker, drinks and a party, I see no reason not to give him what he wants. So if today's Frantic Friday is more to your liking than say.... it would normally be, you could always do the clicky-on-da-linky-thingy and show my fellow BB da' love!

Now whenever you're trying to make a friend happy, don't you find that you end up always asking yourself the same question?

I mean, I know I can utilize all the :

material available on the web. That's a given. Maybe I could even focus on :

just to spice things up a tad. I do know one thing for certain however, I'll need to make sure I get all this done before my :

I can be so cranky when I don't get enough sleep!

Now let's see, BadBlood did say he wanted :

and thongs, and he wants them despite my known penchant for leaning towards the girls of :

where we all know that some special :

can really add to the :

But since this is his Special Edition of Frantic Friday, I should really try to find him some :

and see if I can keep it :

while surfing the intertubles for some quality :

Sorry, what's that?

Oh........ the "soft" & "clean" bits?

Yeah I know! I'm afraid I'll have to keep it on,( or near ) the "soft" & "clean" side just in case.

One never knows if there might be a :

out there, that doesn't appreciate true art when they see it!

If this is your first Frantic Friday dear reader, consider this your :

but don't worry, not only have we never had a :

but I promise not to leave you :

either !

Now while I was doing the google thing, looking for some incredibly :

I ran across a......... Hmmmmmmm.........

Let me see now,

It's a gaggle of Geese.
A murder of Crow.
A swarm of Bees.
A herd of Cattle.
A litter of Pups.
A pack of Wolves.
A rafter of Turkeys.

and naturally,

A party of Bloggers.

Hmmmmm..... soooooooooooo......

I guess I'll have to go with a "kiss" of Butt playing :

Finding them however, was obviously only a chance discovery.

I don't like to leave an awful lot to chance when I'm trying to be the friend I know I can be. So I went out and hired me some real professional types. Some specially trained :

Now those two did a bang-up job and lead me to this :

who seemed content in just :

for a new :

She did have :

and a few obvious :

but I can tell you for absoloute certain, she had a great grasp on :

So the "experts" didn't do too bad of a job at all, but they were a little light in the 'ass' and 'thongs' department I thought. So I had to let them go.

Now although I really hope that this Frantic Friday has more than met with your expectations my fellow BB, fear not! For I will exhaust the far reaches of the intertubes on your behalf if needed, in search of more 'ass' and 'thongs' for you. Just to make sure that your Friday's, are every bit as Frantic as you desire them to be.

In fact, I'll go ahead and let you in on a little bit of next weeks Frantic Friday too. But just a touch! Can't go ruining all the "creative License" of a Frantic Friday in just one day now, can we!

So here's a little bit of the extra research I'm working on right now!

I'm gonna' go down to the Beach just for you :

and I'm going to check under everything I find just lying around down there :

You know what Blood? I'm even going to do a couple of naughty things, that I probably shouldn't be doing at all!

But that's just me and how I roll for a good friend. You always know you can count on me, to take one for the team when needed!

So on that note, Happy Frantic Friday everyone !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....
Mi más sincero agradecimiento por caer por ....
Mein aufrichtiger Dank für Drop von ....


BadBlood said...

Where are the ghost stories????

Impressive. I should request special posts more often I guess.

Instant Tragedy said...


Nicely done.

turning work filter back on :-)


Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Your gonna get me fired Bam-Bam! ;-)

BTW - the google translator, if that's what you used, loses quite a bit in the translation!