"Do it this way"..... Seriously?....

This was purely written for myself. Sort of just getting something off my chest.

Discussions seem to be popping up everywhere about the BBT and what should happen. Most of them taking the form of this should happen or they should do it this way not that way etc.... My favorites have included, this should be the price.

I just get so wound up about folks trying to tell those that do all of this for us, how it should be done. If I ever saw a point or place to properly use WTF?????? I say this is it. It's right up there with those few times that some idiot occasionally tries to tell Pauly how he should cover the WSoP.

So here's my personal take on all this.

The price of admission to the BBT should be whatever Al, Mookie, CEM and whoever else runs a game participating in the series say's it is. They do the work for us and it should always be appreciated and never taken for granted.

Not including all of the donated prizes, wasn't there over $75,000 paid out in the prize pool for just the BBT3? I'm not sure how that can be looked upon as anything but incredible!

My hats off to Al, Mook, HOY, Miami Don, CEM and CHAD for everything they have done past and present on our behalf, with these great BBT events. Personally I think if yours isn't too, you're being an ungrateful ass-hat.

The price of a game should mean nothing to our community, ever! It should always be about the function, event or tourney and getting as many of us as humanly possible out to each and every one. Not to mention our readers! Several of whom are not bloggers themselves, but love to come out and play in the games that we pimp the crap out of.

You want diversity? Read the blogs that are out there yourself. Some of our group only sit at $1 tables, while others sit at $100+ tables regularly. Hell, there are bloggers and readers that just love to sit at play money tables for crying out loud. But they make a deposit on a site and come out to play in the games with us during the BBT. They participate and as they do, the feeling of belonging to a community as great as ours is nutured along. Our group is made better and stronger as we bring them into our fold. Why not try to keep it balanced as best it can be done? Why not try to keep it affordable for everyone that wants to play?

There are those that are quite comfortable in saying it's only money. That's great and it makes me happy to hear that you are in that position. In these economic times however, not everyone is as lucky as us and we should always remember that fact. As hard as it might be for some of you out there to imagine, $26 can mean an awful lot to some. If you actually read through a bunch of the blogs connected with our community, you should already know that.

In my humble opinion, the BBT is something where the idea is to encourage bloggers and their readers to come out and participate. Not only for their company at the tables, but to show our host be it FullTilt, PokerStars, BoDog, Party Poker or any other site that will have us and treat us as well as they have, that we really are a community worth taking part in and supporting. Anything else is quite frankly, asinine.

You know what typically spoils a great thing?

It's usually those that don't know how good they've got it, until it's gone.

Many thanks to those that run not only the BBT series, but to each of you that week in and week out, go through the work and effort it takes to give us an outlet for fun, poker and something to write or read about the morning after.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

Well said, sir.

Well said.

Carry on.

Baywolfe said...

I don't so much mind the dough, I mean you don't have to play in all of them if you can't afford it.

My only beef is that most of the games start so late, if you're not on the West Coast or in the Mountains. I can only imagine how East Coasters deal with a 11:00pm or 12:00 midnight start.

Why can't at least one game inconvenience people by starting too early for some, like the TuckFard I does?

Riggstad said...

It never ceases to amaze me how many people miss the point of all of this. The sole reason Al had the ability to get us those prizes was....

never mind. I'll post myself

CEMfromMD said...

Well said Bam-Bam. As I noted in the comments of the original blogger whose post you are refering to (I think), as of right now I have not even been approached to include the Skillz Game in the BBT4 rotation. I would be more then honored to do so, and if AL, Mookie, and Full Tilt needed changes to Buy-In or structure, I would be more then happy to accomodate, considering all they have done for the Blogger community. While I understand everyone has their own opinions, the originators of the BBT (Al, Mookie, Full Titl) should have the only say on how it is run.

smokkee said...

no matter how its structured there is gonna be bitching. players were complaining that the Bodog TOC structure was too deep.

there's just no way to satisfy everyone.

Wwonka said...

Very Well said.

I only had 1 suggestion for al and that was to make the points cutoff higher. say 40% since playing for 3 hours to miss the points sucks.

I do not play these for the money. We used to have fun playing for the fun of it.


DuggleBogey said...

Funny, you say you don't like it when people say how the BBT "should" be run, and then you continue by telling people how they "should" act.

"The price of a game should mean nothing to our community"

Then you continue to say that anyone that disagrees with your "humble opinion" is "asinine?"

Here's my question:


BamBam said...

An interesting point of view for sure DB. I can see with a re-read, where it could be contorted to read as me telling you how you should act.

In a way, I have to say you're right too!

Since the point was simply our wonderful friends do all this for us, what right do we have to tell them how to do it? And since I was sugesting we show common sense and appreciation for their efforts, I would say that indeed yes!

I am definately saying that we are lucky to have the Al's, Riggs, CEM's, Smokkee's and Kat's to do all of that hard work for us. And the fact that the FullTilts, PokerStars etc. are wanting to work with us, we should be glad that they do.

IMHO of course, which just may be asinine but WTF?

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Hmmm... if this post was in response to mine, then what I wrote and what I intended weren't quite on the same page. It was never a (at least on my part) "how it should be done" post. I was just surprised that Fulltilt wouldn't want to up the price a tad because the stakes are so juicy, my thought was wouldn't people play it anyways?

Playing for fun on the other hand is one thing I never understood but that's just me and how I'm wired. It's rare for me to do anything "just for fun" unless I'm saying that as an excuse cuz I suck at it. (Like, I'll go bowling, "just for fun" - and for me, in reality, it's no fun at all)