That went by fast....


As I was headed out for dinner, I came to quite the realization.

Day one, turns into Month one tomorrow.

A month without a smoke! Had to be all of you offering so much great support.

My sincerest thanks!

I'm outta' here 'till Friday morning now. Hopefully, I'll have something to put up for Frantic Friday by then.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Congrats! The healing changes in your lungs that have already started are monumental and will only improve from here.

Well done.


Memphis MOJO said...

That's great!!

Instant Tragedy said...

I am proud of the changes that you have made to your life. They are monumental and are the beginning of great things.



Baywolfe said...

I can't even imagine how difficult it's been for you. Especially after reading the tone of some of your blogs! ;-)