Rare weekend post....

Look at my Pebbles gooooo....

Bright eyed, wide awake and nicely tailed, (if I do say so myself!) my Peb's signed up for Kat's Donkament at the last minute. Naturally, that meant I got to sit at the keyboard for chat duties, and I'm OK with that. Peb's has actually never played in a blogger game, where I haven't been the one chatting in fact. I love to be the social butterfly, while she plays in the event she chooses. For the first 30 minutes or so, I only said my hellos and typed whatever she asked me too. I figured that way, she could really concentrate on her game.

So I sat and watched my Baby build a pretty substantial chip lead slowly, hand by hand, only to watch it dissolve away in typical Hold'Em fashion, where ATC can go runner-runner flush or straight, to take the pot away. She ran K-K into A-A twice and I'd type in my normal "natch" and she'd rebuy where needed, and onwards and upwards we'd go.

Then she did it! I mean, the BIG it!

YUP! Peb's threw "The Bammer" at Fred and Fishiswa!

Albeit the super cheating sooooooted Bammer and during the rebuy period, but "The Bammer" just the same. Makes a husband proud I tell you! But I did say, "you'll have to be careful with crap like that! Between my chat and plays like that, you know they'll think it's me playing." Peb's laughed it off and then gave me that beautiful smile. You know the one! That smile that always makes me melt.

When the game got to first break, my baby had the chip lead! I was so very, very proud of her.

As final table came around, Peb's was still one of the top stacks at the table, but something had dramatically changed. She had hands that dominated pre, post and turn, only to see them lose river, after river, after river. She asked me, "Why would they call me down with that hand?" I simply said, "Honey, I told you. They think it's me playing now, not you!"

I did my best to shut up in the chat box and she kicked it up to her EH-game.

It didn't really matter at first though, as her cards seemed to go fairly cold. Folding for a while, was probably a good thing anyways. As my baby seemed to be steaming around the edges. "How and why do you play, when they'll do that to you over and over and over again?" she asked. "I mean, I totally get it in the rebuy period, but now? With the game on the line? They play that? Just because they think it's you?"

There's no way I could answer her that would make any sense at all and since I don't really know the reason myself, I just let it go.

Despite the late hour, my baby stuck to it and ended up finishing second to Schaubsy.

I was proud of the way that she fought off the urge to quit and really stuck to her style of play. I know what was happening was very frustrating for her and something that she's really not that used to. But at least she got a little taste of what it's like to be Bam at a table of NLHE for a bit. I got a great big hug and kiss and the little whisper that said, "I'm sorry. I had no idea it was like that for you."

When the question was posed late in the game, "Bam, has it been you the whole game?" We thought it out together.

I was there the whole game and I was typing. The majority of opponents were convinced it was me playing the game so in essence, it was me the whole game I guess.

Together, we decided to go with......... of course!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Katitude said...
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Wolfshead said...

Tell Pebs congrats. I was there at the start but was playing another tourney with a payout around 1K and after the second time I had a winning hand folded because I was tangled up in the Donkament and couldn't get to the other screen on time I figured it was time to quit the Donk. As it was I made it to the top 25 then 3 hands in the space of 5 killed me. Bad timing, bad read and bad luck kicked mre down with ony about a $20 payout

lightning36 said...

Perhaps she might want to create an account called ICrushBloggers or sumfin ...

Schaubs said...

Still confused.

A good game played by both of you.

Did Pebs write this post or did you?

Baywolfe said...

LOL - I just want to know who gets credit for the hand statistics in my Poker Tracker.

Well played by one or both of you. That final three was fun but it was frantic for me with Kat and Joanne1111 sending me IM's all the way through. (As if I had a chance anyway)

Good to see you on more than just the TF's!