Casino moneys is da' best kind....

Friday at Casino Rama was a blast! Course, anytime you leave with their cash you're going to say you had fun right!

Peb's and I managed to talk Fred into heading out for the day with us and all in all, I think he had a pretty good day. I know he didn't go bust and I didn't see him putting any huge amounts of cash away at the end of the day so, I'll say he probably came pretty close to breaking even.

Peb's on the other hand, had an unusually rough day by her normal standards. She could not get anything going at all, all day. I have her down about $210 for the day. It's so not like her to keep on plugging away after the first $100 is gone. Typically, she'd know when she's beat and be able to walk away at that point. But not Friday.

This might have been because of the huge stack of chips in front of me at the time!

I had a great day Friday! As most of you know, the Let it Ride / Three Card Poker table is where you'll usually find me in any Casino. Friday was no different. We started at one table and nothing really spectacular was going on. I'm kind of funny when it comes to table vibe, players vibe, dealer attitude and personality etc.. etc.. I figure if I'm using my cash to have some fun and get my gamble on, I want to have some fun doing it! This first table just wasn't cutting it for any of us. The original dealer had it going on, but his shift finished 30 minutes after we sat down. The new dealer did NOT want to be there, and it really showed. That was enough to get us to move on it's own but, throw in the 155 year old lady that just joined the table and had never played the game before, taking up to 5 minutes to make any decision every time action was on her and I'd just had it. Not meaning to be rude and knowing that someday I may be that old lady to someone else down the road, I grabbed the chips I had in front of me and headed for a new table. Soon Peb's and Fred both followed behind, as it was all just a bit much for them as well.

As I took my seat at the table the Dealer warmly welcomed me and then both Peb's and Fred in turn. Happy dealer = good start! The pit boss came over and let us know that she'd transferred all of our players card info. over to the new table already, so there'd be no need for us to get our cards out again. Nice touch! Then the guy in the seven seat starts to chat it up with the gal in the #2 spot. He's telling a joke and it's really, really on the dirty side. She laughs really hard and actually gets tears in her eyes. OK ! This table is going to be fun.

Now the lady in the two seat was making some serious cash at the time as well. She was hitting her pocket pairs, catching flush and straight draws and really making the bonus bucks in the three card game. She was actually dealt back-to-back straight flushes at one point. None of this changed how she talked or acted at the table in the least. Then I noticed a squeak in her voice as a King peeled off for the first flipped card. She already had her cards down and I figured hat her no-brainer must be K-K. A little squeak for the set and when the dealer flipped up another King, I thought she was going to go orgasmic on us. It was great to see! She pulled in just under $5000 for one hand. Now just how nice was she? She looks around the table and says, "Thank you! If you all weren't here, this never would've happened." and with that, she passed each player at the table a $25 chip. Very cool indeed.

About 20 minutes into the game at the new table, I get on a run of no-brainers that was about every second or third hand that was dealt. This gets me up a few dollars right off the bat. Then I was dealt trip 9's. I told the dealer that I had a dream about trip 9's and that I thought the fourth 9 was going to be the first card he'd flip over. It wasn't. It was a three instead. So I laughed and Peb's said something about the "stupid Bammer!" The second card flipped was also a three. Boat it up and I'm dragging in a little over $500 for my efforts. Quad's and the 3 or 4 grand that would have gone with them would've been sweet, but I'm far from greedy and was quite content with the cash I was paid for that hand. I took the $25 chip that was given to me by the #2 seat and passed it on to the dealer. "I'll spread the karma around," I said, as I thanked her for the nice thought. With a smile and a nod she simply said, "nice" as we started to play the next hand.

Seeing Peb's stack slowly reducing down to nothing but a little bit of green felt, I threw the amount of our original buy-in back in my pocket. No matter what, the day wasn't going to cost us anything. I ran hot for a little bit longer but as things tend to go in Let it Ride, the real luck and big hands had moved it's way to a new seat at the table. A funny guy in the six seat hadn't hit a hand the whole time he was there. When the seven spot became available, he asked for a change in seats. What a great move that ended up being for him! He hit and hit and hit and hit! Over and over again, he was stuffing no-brainers under his last bet on the table. He enjoyed the ride too, by doubling and re-doubling his bet sizes as he won. He went from his last 8 or 9 $5 chips in his hand, to several stacks of red, green and black chips in front of him in a matter of 20 or 30 minutes. Very cool to see!

When the wealth is spread around like that, the table takes on this great vibe and it's just so much more fun to be there for the day. What a blast we had. Well, at least the atmosphere was fun for Peb's. I know she's really disappointed that she didn't take any of the big pots down herself. But some days are just like that. I have no doubt in my mind that the next time we head over for some more action, it will probably be yours truly sitting on a short stack, as my baby rakes in another monster win from our favorite version of Poker at the Casino.

At the end of the day we took Fred out for some Dinner. It was on me and I still have a great profit to show for the day. All in all, another great day at Rama.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Very cool -- you have a fun take and take home some moneys. Was there a poker room?

BWoP said...

I <3 Ret it Ride!

Memphis MOJO said...

We missed you at the TFO Monday night. It's not the same without you or the Pebs-meister.