Bammer ad infinitum....

ad infinitum -

to infinity; endlessly; without limit.

All I need to remember now is.....

Was it the 3s - 9c,

or was it the 3c - 9s?

No no, I'm pretty sure it was the 3s - 9c!

But you're right! It might have been the 3c - 9s

Maybe I just remember it being the 3s - 9c?

Ya see, I was right!

Maybe you were confused with the 3d - 9c hand?

No silly, not THAT one! This one.

Listen, I know it can get a bit confusing and all, but try to pay attention would you? That's the second time you got the hands all mixed up.

What? You don't remember the last time?

I do! You confused the 3c - 9h

for the 9h - 3c!

Thankfully though, that wasn't quite as bad as that time you 'effed up those other two starting hands remember?

Ah yes it seems like only yesterday to me, when you were sure you were seeing the 9h - 3d

and all the while, you really held the 9d - 3h!

Like you, I think it's way easier to remember it when they come in two colours. When that I happens I always remember them. Like this little beauty the 9s - 3h

or also known as one of my all time faves in the game, the Bammer beauty!

Just look at the curves on that babe!

Honestly, we all know I wouldn't know what to do with a half decent hand anyways right? Take this all-in on the flop Donkey move I made for example.

( Your $1 is uuuuhhhhh...... in the mail. Ya, that's it )

I'm going to go back into training, in order to get better at this game. Training for me though, is seeing exactly how Peb's is holding the mouse when she gets crap like this to happen all the time.

There has to be a secret that I'm missing out on, when you can get two pair to make a call of $1200 on the river of THAT board!

But until I learn what it is, I guess I'll just *sigh ad infinitum.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Grange95 said...


It's fun to catch up on blogs while on hold for a conference call!

KenP said...

Don't let him in on the secret Pebs. He'd just get more obnoxious. (tried to use strike through on the more but it isn't allowed.) :(

As to the Grange95 comment about conference calls:

There is a questionable assumption that more than one person enjoys his company. Now throw in that he's a lawyer and it gets even more ludicrous.

PokahDave said...

I think it sounds better if you call it the 'Bam-Hammer' instead of the 'Bammer' whaddayathink?