Scotch bottles empty, my pick-up is dead....

Ah Tuesday morning! It always means the same thing, TuckFard Poker is over for another week. Last nights games as always, featured our Honourary TuckFards, muhctim and Baywolf. Always great to see those two! Of course the regular crowd of TuckFards were out and even my favorite pair 'o' T's, Total_Tilt and jony2pair managed to find the time to come out and play. Also great to see them out for the fun as well. By some miracle of the card Gods, (read I folded a LOT!) I managed to make it past break in the NLHE game and I was even in 3rd place in chips. No clue how, no clue why? But like I always say, weirder things have happened. It was at break that our HORSE game also got under way.

On a side note, that 8:00pm HORSE game always sees a much smaller field than I expect. If you're around on any given Monday night and have $3.50 burning a virtual hole in your FullTilt account, you really should try and stop by for the fun. Maybe it could be a warm up for the LPRT that starts at 9:OOpm? Just a thought.


In the NLHE, I pretty much just cruised along with about an average or maybe slightly above, chip stack. Then two stubborn heads collided. Mine, and jony2pairs. UTG I made a 5x raise with pocket 8's. It folded around to jony and he tanked and tanked. Now jony's a notorious blind protecter, so seeing his final decision to min-re-raise me was not that out of the ordinary. I figured I'd let him know I had a hand worth a little sumpin-sumpin, and made it the full pot to go back at him. This committed me to the hand for certain, but jony's range here is pretty damn wide from my past experiences. After about 2 seconds worth of thought, he jams his entire stack into the center. "I guess I'm racing" I said to Peb's and I made the call, despite him having me covered by tons. Now I know I said I figured his range there to be pretty wide, but when he flips up A-3 off-suit..... Well, that still doesn't really register to me. He's chip leader, it cost him over 3/4 of his stack to race a player who's played 5% of the hands total and only shown hands like K-K, A-A and flopped boats. Needless to say, my 70% chance was no match for the 30 % monster and I'm out in 6th. in the TuckFard I. Congrats to Total_Tilt for taking it down.

There was some great chat as always in that game, including the fact that I may need to write me a Country song in the near future. Myself, DonKaaa and Bay were having a little fun, when this gem of a discussion popped up.

Bam-Bam: Hey Scotch drinkers.....
Bam-Bam: Aberlour
Bam-Bam: it's only a 10 yr. old.... but aged to perfection!
Baywolf: You should just undo the top and smell it. Then put it away for 40 yrs.
DonKaaa: Scotch don't last that long in Bedrock
Baywolf: LOL
Baywolf: That should be a song.

So who knows? Maybe there's something I should give a little thought.
I am pretty good with lyrics! ;)

HORSE was the same as it always is. In the LHE, I sit and wait. In the Omatard, I sit and wait. Then I rack up chips with premium hands in the RAZZ, STUD and STUD H/L. Then I sit and wait some more. I did have DonKaaa all in for peanuts at one of the Omatard levels, only to have his four spades improve to a pair of Aces for the double up. I think I had about 78% of the deck that could make something just a little bit better than that but alas, it just wasn't his time to go. I made a bad play in one LHE hand and another in Omatard late in the game. Neither worked out in my favour and they cost me a few too many chips. I was back to waiting. Eventually however, waiting takes it's toll and despite making it deep into this event as well, I was out with a wimper. I see brudder Carson managed to take it down for another Monday night win. Congrats! And DonKaaa, DUDE!!!! You are still and will probably always be, THE BEST SHORT STACK PLAYER I KNOW! From 75 chips to second! Nice.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

Scotch don't last that long in bedrock!

I cant wait for the album, let alone the track!

Instant Tragedy said...

Billy Ray Cyrus should sing it!!!


Don'K' said...

LOL ... I have heard some of the best one liners during the Monday night TuckFard games. There just might be another post in there somewhere Bam ........ "Top 10 TuckFard one liners"

Here is my personal favorite of all time. It wasn't on a Monday night but is still a TuckFard one liner.

Now, a few years ago, johnny2pair had a heart attack. He did make a speedy recovery but did prevent him from coming out and playing poker for quite sometime. After Johnny had fully recovered, he had the itch to play some live poker in a big way. He invited alot of the TuckFards over to his place for a pool/BBQ/poker party. This event has now become an annual tradition each summer and is referred to as:


LMFAO ... it still kills me whenever I hear this.