Just Lovin' the Ladies....

NO !! There is NOT A CHANCE of you finding any Frantic Friday like material of guys up here in Bedrock Ladies! Not going to happen..... in like EVER!

BUT !!!!!!


OK, OK !! I succumb to your pressure! I gathered the boys up and we put a little something together for you. Enjoy !

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Hallmark has never been the one to guide me in anything Holiday. Just ask a few friends about a couple of Christmas Day's we've had in June or, check with not-so-mini-Peb's and see when her birthday comes around every year. Oh she'll tell you what day her actual birthday is, so will Peb's. But I like the element of surprise so much more than anything that can result from all that planning and expectation.

So without further adieu, I officially declare Tuesday March 31st,
"Ladies Day in Bedrock."

And I want to take a little time to spread a little love the Ladies way today, so here it is....

Firstly as always, my darling Pebbles. Now this is Peb's the Poker player I'm talking about here. She's deserving of some serious Pokery loving, as my baby has been consistently taking a $2 investment into a free ride at a $5 game. Not bad huh? But it's not over just yet. She then has also consistently waded her way through the minefield that is, the Double-Deuce Qualifier as well. Way to go Peb's!! Nah.... still not done here either. In the 11,000 or so player Double-Deuce on a Sunday afternoon, my Peb's has been taking it pretty deep as well. Cashing in every single one she's played in.

This past Sunday, she was donked out in 700th. by a one outer. (so the table chat claimed) She's been taking names and making notes. I don't see it being too far off in the distant future, that my baby turns her $2 investment into a four or even five digit score.

I've been the luckiest man on this great big flying rock, since the moment I met you. I try every single day to find a new way to tell you how much I love you so, here's a really new one.

It's supposed to be Korean. I hope I spelt it right! :)

Our laughs in the Kitchen last night, probably pulled muscle off of my ribs. You just can't get that without true love. You will always have all of my love. ( and all of my Jo-Jo kisses!)

The next bit of Bam-Love, goes out to someone that is about as far from a number as it gets. The Wife has held me captive ever since the first time we came in contact with each other. And she's managed to do it for all of that time, on oh so many levels! When I need it and need it really, really bad, The Wife is there with open arms or open ears. When I need a laugh for the sake of just having a laugh, The Wife manages to find me, (virtually) and bring that laugh out of me. An e-mail, a dial-a-shot or a message in one of her always fantastic to read posts, she's always got something that keeps me out of that funk. I'll say it right here, right now. I love you ALL THE NUMBERS! That just makes me so happy to say. I hope it puts a smile on your face too. I'm also happy you have such a good man in The Doc. You deserve the best and since I'm already taken, I think you did the best you could! :) Always know that I will do everything I can, to be there for you as well. You are always in our thoughts, always!

I'm sending some speciar roving out to Vegas as well. I/M's take on a whole new meaning when it's CK and I on the go. Minutes, Hours or sometimes even Days can pass between one comment and the next, but the subject is never over until we both agree that it is. I'm told my eyes light up when I hear that distinct 'ding' that notifies me of a CK message. But it's more than just the social aspect for me. Seriously, if you're not already following her Vegas exploits over HERE, I can't tell you enough, how much you are missing out on. When it comes to the daily must reads, IMHO The BWoP simply rules! For everything you make me feel when we see each other, I/M each other or just allowing me to thoroughly enjoy your reads, me rove you rong time!

My missing EH-Vegas this year, was by far the hardest decision I've had to make early into this new year. And by the hardest I mean, in anything! Work, play, finance or social, it was just an all around tough decision. The hostess with da' mostess was sorely missed indeed. I'm hoping that the soon to be open road and warm Summer breezes, once again find her beautiful black steel stallion parked out in our driveway. That'll mean she had a great ride up, and we have some great company out on the back deck. Oh and by the by, Kat's been showing the love on Friday nights at her Donkament coming up on two years this Friday! If you feel like showing a little of that love back to her, I'm sure she'd love to see you out for the game this week!

Now, did any of you know that I have a stalker. She frequently tries to turn it around to make it look like I'm a dirty old man and actually the one that's stalking her, but no one is buying that crap! ~are they?~ This young lady has introduced me to a variety of new and wonderful things in the last year. All of which can be found by reading HERE and sometimes HERE. Another more serious factor to share the love with Gadzooks is, my stats show that she's almost always the first one to check out a new Frantic Friday. That would normally be cool enough with me except, now ZOOKS is promising me a.... uh.... uuummmmm "dance" too, and I just have to love her for that. I'm just that easy! :)

My first real blogger crush, doesn't get that much time to write anymore. Well actually, she just doesn't get that much time to write on her blog anymore. I can't think of anyone other than Peb's and not-so-mini-Peb's, that can make my day with nothing more than an e-mail other than PokerTart. I know she's real busy these days with young master Bank-Tart. ( Tartwell? Doesn't seem right to call him Pokerwell yet! ) I'd like to let her know that she was really my first blogger crush and still my all-time strongest. The daily reads are missed of course, but the occasional note from you manages to bring a smile to this face that somehow makes the room look brighter.

Remember this? "I know who you are and I don't want your hand, I want a hug!" still lives strong within my heart to this very day. **sigh** You can't make up stuff like that. It just has to be lived!

Oh and then there's TheGoatlady! What can I say? When we stumbled upon each other, I felt like I'd just gotten so lucky. (no not THAT way!) Lucky that with all of the ways for two people on this Earth to easily miss each other, we didn't! I won't nag on about the fact that I think she should be writing a lot more, but she should! You're TheGoatlady for cripes sake! Who doesn't love to read them some of that?

Just the other day, I picked up a new reader. Hers is not a Poker blog and I'm not exactly sure how or why I was lucky enough for her to find me. But I'm pretty glad she did. A few reads of her very new blog, told me I'd look forward to reading all about her opinions and adventures in the days and months to come.

Ladies, it's with the greatest admiration and my total appreciation that I say....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

But in your honour and for the first time in Bedrock history, we'll sign off with a little something different today.

There is no doubt at all, that you Ladies rule!
And each of you honestly, make all the boy's drool!


Gadzooks64 said...



You are so sweet!

I'm honored to be included in such fine - and I do mean FINE - company!

Katitude said...

OMFG, that jibjab thing had me laughing so hard, ppl in the next room came to see what was wrong with me.

The stallion is chomping at the bit (and so am I!) - as soon as the temp gets above 15, I'm there :-)

Baywolfe said...

That $2.00 Super Satellite to the DD Qualifier is like printing money. All you have to do is finish in the top three and there's your reward.

I've never had the inclination to take it any further than that. I usually just win, rinse, lather, and repeat. And then cash in the tournament dollars for real dollars.

Pebs is incredible for navigating "the minefield" of the DD Qualifier, and then going deep in the DD itself.

Hmmmmm... going to have to rethink my strategy against her, next we meet.

DrChako said...

We've been watching video over and over. I even brought in my mother-in-law and nanny to see it. We're crying we're laughing so hard!

Love you to, ya big lug.


BWoP said...


Is it possible that I have smooched more of these women than you have?


You made my day though :-)

Memphis MOJO said...

Awesome video!

BWoP said...


For some reason I couldn't get the JibJab video to run when I was in the office.

I finally got to watch it.


The Wife said...

The kind words really hit the spot . . . and come to think of it, you really have found a very clever way to get so much love from all the ladies . . . you need to teach class.

And the video is HYSTERICAL. OMG.

You're amazing.