I'm beyond help, but can you?....

Just a touch on the insane side around these parts today, so a lick and a promise will have to do you for now!

Had a great weekend of comfortable clothes, no shoes and a steady supply of cold beer and hot hugs with my Peb's. Did I mention it was a great weekend?

I tried to stay totally un-plugged all weekend but at about 8:00pm or so last night, my slut detector went off in my head. It was Sunday night and there was about to be a Poker Slut game on FullTilt at 9:00pm. I figured I'd best try to defend my title from last week and then a quick check on Tilt, told me that the game was RAZZ. SCHWEEEEEEEEEEEET!

Except for one thing that is. RAZZ sucks!

OK, I don't really think that! But man did I run bad at a few of the worst times possible. Second nut lows that I ran into da' nuts back-to-back-to back! I'd enjoyed a few too many adult beverages out in the hot sun earlier, to actually pay attention to the game. That'll teach me! (not!)

That was pretty much the only Poker of the weekend. Probably a good thing too. My head's just not in the game, with actual signs of Summer making a later than usual arrival. Far too nice outside, to be stuck sitting in front of the virtual felt for hours.

= = = = = =

I'm a little late to the party on this one but it's one hell of a lot better to be late, than to not do anything at all I say.

One of us, LJ, has made a request for help. It would be great if you could take the time to read her plea.

All right, back to the grind for me! There should really be a rule about easing back into work after such a great weekend...... no?

RAZZ is OK, it's work that sucks!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


gadzooks64 said...

That's what I should have done: drink.

I think drinking would make Razz bearable. The brickity brick brick that is inevitable with Razz would be slightly assuaged by alcohol. Well, provided you have enough alcohol.

Next week is Stud. ;)

The Wife said...

Did I tell you that I loved that part of your weekend agenda was a call to me and a "you're beautiful" voice mail message?

I love you sweetheart!

Well, in a purely platonic acceptable way, of course. As if you had to ask. ;)