What goes up....

I absolutely hate the poor, poor pitiful me post I've just finished writing and yet, I find myself hovering the cursor over the "publish post" button and I'm actually wondering if I'll go ahead and click it.

**Thankfully I didn't and trust me, you can thank me later for hitting delete instead!**

= = = = =

I'd ask if you've ever had one of those days but let's face it, I think pretty much everyone probably has! In my case right now it's work that's dragging me down. Oh and you can trust me on this one, it's been one hell of a lot longer than just a day believe me! I'd like to let corporate Bedrock know that it can kiss my little caveman azz but unfortunately for me right now, it's far too busy kicking it at the moment instead.

So rather than posting up the crap that I had written, I think I'd prefer to explain my current state of mind in a much more visual and visceral manner. Fortunately I can manage to do that quite easily, with a little help from my boys Seth & Rusty.

I mean that video describes my emotions to a tee right now! Everything always looks like it's going to be alright you know and then suddenly, it's like the ground seems to reach up and smack me in the face.

There's no reason to worry the glass is, (and shall always remain) half full I swear. I think I'm just trying to get the weight off my chest or maybe blow off a little steam about it, because it just isn't coming quite as easy to me as normal right now.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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DrChako said...

Did I just go through this so you didn't have to? It all rolls off, brudder.