At Center ice for the Phoenix Coyote's.... #09 Pissmeeov....

When I woke this morning, I was already a touch behind in my anger management skills. Lack of sleep, (even for a non-sleeper!) will do that. Then when the morning news came on the radio and the lead Sports story was about the NHL making an offer for the Phoenix Coyotes, I hit 212 Fahrenheit almost instantly.

WANT SICK? Look at the reasoning!
'We need to expedite things to help out the flailing franchise?'

Why then was Mr. Balsillie's previous offer of much more than anything offered to date, not taken way back when?

Oh right! "Not enough."

It was nearly twice the cash Jerry Reinsdorf put on the table before he came to his senses, and realized dick-nosed Bettman was just dragging him deeper into a losing battle.

So now we get, 'we need to hurry and boy's I promise, we can get a lot more casholas's for a team losing merely $20 million a season!'

So it reads like this. 'In good faith of course, we The NHL will offer you just about half of what successful Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner Mr. Reinsdorf had put out on the table. We know that it's just over a quarter of what that moron Mr. Ballsillie's was offering up for the team, but it's a sweet deal for you, the fans and all of the creditor's hanging around for their piece of the cake.'

'So...... DEAL?'

To my friends I say, I realize that the above reads as if it was spat with the venom of a 1000 snakes, it's because it was. The guy has got to be taken out of power and cut loose like the useless piece of shit he is. He took a position as 3rd. in command of a successful league in the NBA. He made a few moves to over commercialize it and develop a soft salary cap. The owners made a few bucks from the rush and then, right back to status-quo.

Their move at that point?

"We've come a long way with Gary, but he needs to move on and develop himself as a leader in the sports & entertainment field." was the press release.

"We dumped the money grubbing weasel before we went broke!" was the general consensus around the league.

So recapping a few facts here, let's see what the NHL has to work with.

A strong bid for the team by a hugely successful business man... check.
A location that can't wait for a team... check.
An arena complex project that will create jobs.... check.
A fan base draw like nowhere else on the continent... check.
6 TV networks ready to fight over broadcast rights... check.


The NHL bids 1/4 of the above bid... check.
The team WILL loose $20 mill. again this year... check.
The team stays where no one goes to a game... check.
The owners share in profit loss and keep status-quo... check.
Nothing changes until Bettman gives in or is gone... check.

Oh and just as an aside. After dealing directly with Bettman on all things he'd been offered, one of the most successful team owners with two franchises in two separate leagues asks the rest of the owners WTF! And then walks away.

After further review the play as called on the ice stands!

Gary Bettman is an idiot and should be tossed aside by the NHL, just as he was with the NBA. Of course that's just one man's humble opinion isn't it Gary.

In old school Hockey, guy's like Bettman would've been taken care of either on the ice or out back of the arena. I can't help but wonder if Bobby Clarke and Valeri Kharlamov aren't thinking the exact same thing right now?

From one kid in a Nation and a quarter that love the game of Hockey, Fuck you Bettman! Leave our game AND the owners business the fuck alone!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Snuffy said...

Wow I think the only thing you left out, because that the majority of your readership is south of the border, is to blame the Americans. I love reading the comments on the CBC stories. It's great that someone can blame the US for the Leafs sucking. Not sure how they do it, but they do it.

Don't get me wrong, I think that the team SHOULD be in the Hamilton area. Hell, the team should have never left Winnipeg FWIW.

Why doesn't the NHL want Basille an owner is beyond me as well.

BamBam said...

Clumping me with the Leaf Blowers, is kinda' like telling people that you can keep up with Al and I at the bar. It just doesn't happen son.

Not sure what my read here had to do with American's actually Snuff. I re-read it and it seems to point directly at one asshole and one asshole alone to me.

As for Bassilie's it's simple. Dick-nose was wrong before, he was wrong once again and now, Bettman is wrong again. So he does what he's done all along his jerked off career. He's going to win no matter the price to anyone else or the league.

No skin off his dick-nose at all! In fact, not a single penny from HIS wallet either.

Snuffy said...

Your post doesn't say anything about Americans. Gary Bettman is the same as American from everything I read though.

I know Bettman sucks, but we think that of every major sports league commissioner.

PokahDave said...

I'm from New England and I think the Coyotes should have stayed in Winnipeg. I think they should move back up to Winnipeg. Most of the 'real' hockey fans know that it behooves the NHL to have more teams in Canada. The NHL and Bettman want hockey to be a destination in the warm climes....and it just ain't gonna happen...not for more than a couple of years anyway.