Frantic Friday : The hot 'n' cold Edition....(NSFW)

Well it's another Frantic Friday and lord knows you're all expecting me to pull another HAWT one out of my azz.

No wait! That didn't come out right!

I need a do over.

OK, so you came here expecting nothing but the finest :

OH man! I just can't seem to get anything going these days.

I think it's because it's :

don't you?

Everything slows down just a touch and our thoughts turn to things like :

and stuff.

Our trip out East was great and everything but in all honesty, I need another vacation and soon! I don't know about you, but to me this friggin' Summer has been nothing more than a, oh I don't know. Like an :

Here in Bedrock we've actually had way more like an extended Spring, than anything resembling Summer. There had been no really hot days and it seemed to me at least, as if it rained at least every second day or so. In other words, it really hasn't been all that great weather wise.

All that changed at the start of this past week. It's been :

ever since last Saturday.

Like really hot!

Far too hot to do most anything that causes you to exert any kind of energy at all. Not one piece of the :

is going to get done anytime soon, that's for sure.

I've even had to take a break from :

for the time being, as I'm having a really hard time finding a way to :

at the gym.

So since I've been spending a fair amount of time down there, I've begun to grow a great deal of :

for :

I love spending some quality time down there, :

and stuff!

While I was down there yesterday afternoon though, there was a really dramatic change in the :

and it was obvious to everyone, that some kind of cold front was coming in.

It got so windy all of a sudden too and many of the gals down there, were really worried about how messy their hair looked. I even got a shot of one of them.

I can't imagine being so damn worried about your hair when in all honesty, the only thing anyone should have been focussed on was how incredibly :

the sky had just become!

It was seriously about to do a little more than just rain!

Everything was not all :

This was Tornado weather for sure!

Now all the beach chicks were getting so worked up about getting wet. Sheesh! I mean, you're at the beach and there is water right! Getting wet was always supposed to be a possibility, if one is at a beach and trying to cool down.

Well I'll tell you what. I was not worried about it in the least.

I had my best :

on and :

for the occasion as well.

I was all set and having a great time.

Hell, the chick beside me even showed a touch of :

to one of her friends, to make her stop worrying about getting all wet and crap. I thought she was being very thoughtfull of her friend, so I gave her a little :

This paid off HUGE! As after all the really bad weather was over, she invited me back to her place to cool down even more. She took me inside where we shared a couple of :

It was great and weird, all at the same time. How this managed to cool me down and get me so hot at the same time, will probably remain one of life's little :

I guess!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember, keep each other hot AND cool as required! It's just what I think good friends should do for each other!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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PokahDave said...

lol...nice dial-a-shot on Saturday! I owe ya....
If I sounded like I was being a little quiet at the time I had to run back into the cottage from the porch outside...and the kids just got to sleep believe it or not.....