WPBT Golf ~ Blogger's, Booze & Balls....

Blogger's, Booze & Balls, Golf outing facts.

Who = The first 20 players to get CK $34 US for our deposit. Payment can be made to her via FullTilt (ck31) or PayPal. Please drop her a line here at ckbwop at gmail dot com for PayPal instructions.

What = A four person scramble, with teams made up by the organizers. There will also be two closest to the pin and one long drive contests, with prizes being awarded.

Where = Las Vegas National Golf Club.

When = December 11, 2009 @ 10:30am

Why = Because it's what all the cool kids will be doing that Friday morning!

How = Since we silly Bloggers are sooooooo speedy and reliable, (tongue FIRMLY planted in cheek) we're only making 20 spots available for this. We're using the deposit to guarantee us five sequential tee times. The base price is $99 for Golf & Cart. For those wishing to use the course rental clubs, it'll be $134 all-in. Price includes 2 free drinks!

CK will also need your full name and of course if you're going to be renting crubs, letting her know if you prefer refty or righty versions may work out better for you the day of!
Just sayin'. ;)

One other detail, before anyone gets their knickers in a knot either way! Because of their early, (and often!) interest in this event, the following players will be given first priority when filling the initial spots;

Bam-Bam all important self-linkage
Dr. Chako
The Wife
Pirate Lawyer
Joe Speaker
Astin (buddy #1)
Astin (buddy #2)

Having also shown interest, but still sitting on the fence right now are;

OH Captain

These good folk will have until Sept. 4 to get CK the $34 deposit. After that, the flood gates are going to be opened. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Silly bloggers. :)

OH and Astin the Official Blogger Golf Event Photographer, will also be there!

Of course my very special thanks go out to the best partner you could ever want in planning something like this, CK baby, YOU ARE THE BEST!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Astin said...

Wow, looking at those shots reminds me to bring my flash this time.

DrChako said...

Please add The Wife!

I may also have two other friends (non-blogger types) who might be interested. I'll give you their info only if we don't fill all 20 spots.


jjok said...

put me down as a firm maybe.....since I am wishywashy and shit.

cash sent to ck.

Shrike said...

Will send $$$ asap. Would tentatively also like to reserve a spot for my father (fingers crossed).


Riggstad said...

Transfer Sent...

Katitude said...

A case is being made for me to attend as Beer Bitch. Is payment still required?

FYI, I may still go to the Neon Graveyard, but hey, it's not everyday I get to be a BB.

on_thg said...

As of today I'm 99.9% out, so feel free to move somebody up into my slot.

Hate to miss out on this!

Anonymous said...

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