The wake up call....

Today's the day that as North Americans, we should each take the time to realize how fortunate we really are.

Want to bitch about UIEGA?

Feel a stronger urge lately to get the anger about Health Care in your Country off your chest?

Are you sick and tired of the Political gibberish constantly being spewed in your general direction, no matter what party or leader is in control?

How about those effin' taxes! I mean REALLY!

Gas prices! Don't even get me started down that friggin' road!

We have so many problems in The U.S. & Canada, it's no wonder we're all so bloody miserable all the time!

But then day's like today roll around and hopefully, the message being sent is not lost on us due to our bullshit superiority complex. Quite seriously, our convoluted opinion of our higher station and importance in this world, needs to be reflected upon much, much deeper on day's like this folks!

Hell! If we really don't like something, a strong message can be sent to the correct source, merely by putting together a strong assemblage of like minded brethren to get the point across.

A few hours ago in Afghanistan, the first of the bloodshed started. By 7:00am local time here, at least 14 gathering places had to be shut down. The 17,000,000 Afghan people are going to have to make the toughest decision in their lives.

In fact, they are literally deciding what to do with their lives!

The, "gathering places?" Polling stations.
The "bloodshed?" Militants vowing to kill anyone that votes.
The "toughest decision?" To take your life in your own hands and try to change the direction your Province and Country, are headed.

To leave your home and attempt to vote, is to take a chance on dying.

Want to know why our troops are really dying in Afghanistan?

To give these brave souls the chance to vote, despite death threats.

To tell folks like this Volunteer, that what he's doing is a noble thing.

To do their best to protect a 'branded' voter, from the militants that are looking to kill him.

Photos courtesy of James Wray @ M & C.

Day's like this should present us propitious folk, with something pretty special. It's a wake up call telling us that everything really isn't that bad at all. At least we all have the right and ability to express our opinions, and on damn near anything at all. It's how we do it and what tact we show in doing so, that makes us who we are as a person. But as for what we are as a collective, there can be no doubt about that at all on a day like today.

We are the fortunate! Despite our regularly complaisant protests, moaning, thoughts and feelings, all usually to the contrary.

Good Luck people of Afghanistan! Good luck to our brave troops as well. What you do today by trying to Vote and make a change is a far, far nobler thing indeed!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


StB said...

Well said Bammer!

pokertart said...

Wake up call indeed.

Thanks for posting this.

BWoP said...

Thanks, Bammer.

DrChako said...

Amen, brudder.