When Vince goes home....

I think all of the PACKERS WIN celebration alcohol is starting to become a distant enough memory to write. It could be close though! Bedrock threw one hell of a green & gold victory party, I can tell you that!

The thoughts I have on The Lombardi Trophy are simple. No trophy in any sport, anywhere, is more appropriately named. For no one IMHO should ever be more recognized for defining what it takes to be a winner, in a sport that requires a total team effort. Having said that, I also believe that Mr. Lombardi was more capable than any coach that has ever coordinated any team, of bringing out the very best in any individual, when they needed to be their best. And from what I've learnt over the years of my study of the man, for Mr. Lombardi, he needed your best on every down.

Yes I'm a die hard cheesehead so I may be biased just a touch but to me, Mike McCarthy did a damn fine Vince Lombardi impression on Sunday. One after another we lost Collins, Driver, Shields, Woodson and honestly, I thought those losses just may be our demise. It only got a few seconds worth of coverage on the broadcast as per usual, but Mike McCarthy did what Vince would've done I think. He pulled together the rag-tag remains he had for a team and inspired them. Forcing them to bring out their very best. Shields was supposedly so taken with the McCarthy speech, he eventually threw his helmet back on and made a bunch of great plays, despite what was probably a dislocated shoulder at the time.

Aaron did a damn fine job picking the Steelers apart I thought and had Jordy Nelson not had the most bizarre case of the dropsy's I think I've ever seen, I can't imagine what his stats could have looked like at the end. Quarterbacks and MVP titles are rather standard fair in this NFL driven by the media types, and there's nothing really wrong with that I guess. But I'm a blue collar cheesehead at heart and not one player on the field during the entire game, was more valuable to his team and more disruptive to his opponent, than Clay Mathews. Start to finish, Clay went 150% in everything he did. I can't call out one specific Clay Mathews play that made the difference in the game but what I can do, is recognize the pure talent, heart and desire he showed out on the field, all in the biggest game of his life. He left it all out on the field, held nothing back, on any and every single play. The definition of drive, desire and a championship attitude.

After watching that game from the sidelines, I think Mr. Lombardi would have made a different choice as his MVP.

I've patiently waited for 14 LOOOONG years to once again say, congratulations Vince! You're going home again!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

Just think if Jay Cutler had been on his game during the second Bears-Packers match this past season ... sigh ... I could have been writing:

"I am so glad to see the title Super Bowl Champions back in Chicago, where it belongs ..."

Woulda, shoulda, coulda ... lol.

Memphis MOJO said...

The big winners are the fans - great game.

jamyhawk said...