When you're right....

Well, someone asked for some drama.

Apparently, the superior poker bloggers, (no links, 'cause they're all in tune with the bloggoverse and know what's right and what's wrong) think I chip dumped to Smokkee. (also no link, 'cause BoDog has no fuckin' idea, where or what Canada is)

There will be dozen's....... OK..... two at least, screen caps.

Truth is, after I'd had my azz handed to me by many others chasing throughout the night, I took a shot. But my one chase, bring's blogdem to a crawl.

Three words....


I'm a working stiff trying to support our community.
I get up at 4:30 am. EST and still try to play as many of our events as I can. You want to call me out? Fuck you!

Three Skillz wins in STUD and the one night I chase a straight against an obvious two pair, I'm a "chip dumper?"

Yeah, that 7th. street King for Lucko must have been a "chip dump" too right?

You azzholes have no idea WHO the fuck I am.

But thanks for being SO superior.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Um... wow.


KenP said...

And the horse they road in on.

I guess I'm either not privileged or haven't got to read the a-list.

Actually, the asshats -- sorry, A-list -- are paying you a compliment. It is left handed only because the other is always involved in "introspection".

Why a compliment? What they are really saying is that your skills precludes that activity on a regular basis. And they don't have a clue about gear changes.

SirFWALGMan said...

LOL! You Chip Dumping Caveman! haha. Anyone who gives chips to a tight ass like Smokkee is obviously chip dumping. :). Who gives a fuck what idiots say.

Memphis MOJO said...

That's terrible. There are always asshats that ruin it for everybody.

Memphis MOJO said...

Quite a coincidence, but I was reading another blog published today and saw this:

"I've never dumped chips. But, I sure as hell looked like I have at times. And let he who plays perfect poker dispute that."

Here's the link.

Falstaff said...

I still love you, Bammer.

And what are these chips you speak of? I haven't seen any of those in a long time.

lightning36 said...

I just figured the rants were alcohol or drug fueled.

I lost a big hand to smokkee under situations similar to yours. I knew what he had and I had a deceptively big hand with a lot of outs, so I chased. Sometimes what looks like chip dumping is chasing to take someone's stack. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I was surprised to see such acrimony in a basic blogger game. Just imagine how much fun the TOC might be with some big money on the line.

Schaubs said...


Who ever said that just said it to get under your skin. Take a deep breath. Take a step back and figure out that this shit does not matter at all.

I love how someone thinks that saving one bet is chimp dumping LOL. I don't even play limit and I know that.

I also know you shouldn't chase...

Anyway, did you know Bodog is coming to Canada soon! You better watch it! LOL

chill homey. real life is what matters.

BWoP said...

Wouldn't it have been even *worse* if you called off that last bet only to show down your missed draw? Wasn't it your fold that caused all of the controversy in the first place?

KenP said...

Same church...different pew...

From Jason's blog:
HoP: 56/A9
BD: 6K/68

I'm clearly behind, but it's still worth the gamble.

After 5th Street:

HoP: 56A9T
BD: 6K682

After 6th Street:

HoP: 56A9T7
BD: 6K6829

On the river:

HoP: 56A9T78...or a straight to the Ten
BD: 6K6829T...or a pair of 6s

Now, I have no illusions about this hand. I got lucky. But I made my luck...

Chad C said...

Clearly you just suck at poker, which is not a shock really.... This is a group of recreational players, not many know what they are doing. Why would YOU ever take anything Lucko or Don say seriously? They were just trying to piss you off to get you to show your soft vag side (which this post effectively did).

lucko said...

Great post!

What 7th street King are you talking about?

lucko said...

I think this the hand you are talking about, lol, man, so funny....

*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to MiamiDon [Ts]
Dealt to smokkee [Th]
Dealt to Chippy McStacks [5h]
Dealt to iaatg6296 [9s]
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s]
Dealt to cracknKK [Kd]
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c] [Ks]
Chippy McStacks is low with [5h]
Chippy McStacks brings in for 15
iaatg6296 folds
BamBamCan completes it to 50
cracknKK folds
lucko21 raises to 100
MiamiDon folds
smokkee folds
Chippy McStacks calls 85
BamBamCan calls 50
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to Chippy McStacks [5h] [Js]
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s] [Qh]
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks] [6c]
lucko21 bets 50
Chippy McStacks folds
BamBamCan calls 50
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s Qh] [4s]
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c] [2c]
lucko21 bets 100
BamBamCan calls 100
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to BamBamCan [5s Qh 4s] [3s]
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c] [As]
lucko21 bets 100
BamBamCan raises to 200
lucko21 calls 100
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to lucko21 [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c As] [3h]
lucko21 checks
BamBamCan bets 100
lucko21 calls 100
*** SHOW DOWN ***
BamBamCan shows [Ac Jc 5s Qh 4s 3s 7d] Ace Queen high
lucko21 shows [Kh 5c Ks 6c 2c As 3h] a pair of Kings
lucko21 wins the pot (1,270) with a pair of Kings

BamBamCan: nice catch
lucko21: lol, never play stud on here before?
BamBamCan: no...never

Not sure how you can think I didn't have Kings the entire way there, but the fact that you do shows that Don doesnt really have much of a case for the other hand being a chip dump.

BamBam said...

Actually Lucko, two things.

1) I never said I didn't think you may have Kings there, it's just highly improbable you make the call on 6th. and 7th., considering I lead out with 5 high, one 5 is toast and I'm showing a possible straight flush by 6th, and "Dealt to cracknKK [Kd]"

Seems pretty straight forward to this idiot, that I can put you on nothing but a pair of Kings. A lesser player may have folded there, considering the action.

But then again you may have been "chip dumping" to me, had you folded a powerful hand like a pair of Kings in 7 card STUD.

2) The "catch" obviously refers to the FullTilt flip. My mistake and I honestly apologize for the remark.

Poker, moves and Bloggers. Never have so many had so much to say, about so very little.

lucko said...

I was watching you come into hands with some terrible holdings. Giving you respect for a made hand just wasn't going to happen. I pretty much wasn't folding in that hand unless your board got much worse than it was. Plus I knew you weren't rolled up which def helped.