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I'd previously only told a few others about my friend Amir's up-coming Website idea. Well it seems Amir has it up and running as of yesterday, so now you can all go over to PokerWit and take it for a little test drive.

Pokerwit is a place where soon there will be 1000's of hands, all played out right in front of you. But there's more! You can re-play them too! That's right. The hand is set out in front of you, and it will play out as it did in the actual situation. At each step however, you can make the decision that you think is the right one. Then you can compare notes with the player in the actual hand. You can also see how others thought it should have been played.

The best part? How many times have you posted a hand history and asked others, "what would you do?" or "do you think I played this right/poorly?" On Pokerwit, you can post these hand's for everyone to see. Then they can play them out without knowing the outcome and you can feed off of the information gathered.

So on PokerWit, you'll be able to judge another player's perspective on the hands played or, throw some of your experiences out there for the masses to judge your performance in a particular situation.

I dare say that having hundreds of players play out a hand and give feedback in one form or another, has to be about as educational as it can get in NLHE.

Since I figure Poker is all about information, I can't believe there's many of you out there that won't want to get in on this Poker information Super Highway.

I hope you enjoy!

For those curious, more can be found on my friend HERE & HERE. As you can see unlike me, Amir really knows his NLHE.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the "heads up," I'll check it out.