The WPBT Countdown is on....

It started at more than a year and ever so slowly, the countdown worked it's way on down to months. What seems like forever ago, it reduced itself down to just weeks. Now the countdown is officially, all the way down to just days.

I've got a special Frantic Friday planned for tomorrow, dedicated to our WPBT gatherings and what the "newbies" can expect.

Just thinking about being together with so many good friends, (most of whom just happen to be seriously HAWT chicka's!) is keeping a perma-smile glued on this kids face!

Hopefully those of you with no social life other than slinging artificial chips around on the virtual felt on a Friday night, will be able to join in on The WPBT Warm Up H.O.R.S.E. game we're holding on FullTilt tomorrow.

10:00 PM ET.
P/W = vegasin1week

You'll find it under the private tournies tab, or you can go ahead and be lazy.
Player search me as BamBamCan and join in.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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The Wife said...

We specialize in Hawt chicks! Its that theory of poker bloggers marry up.