Happy Birthday me....

For the majority of the April 4's that I've spent on this giant flying rock, I've been a lot closer to making snowmen then I have margaritas. But for one unbelievably glorious April 4 yesterday, all that changed.

Now I can't say it was a day without a cloud in the sky because as you can clearly see,

there were at least two of them.

Being an early April kid around these parts usually means, your birthday could be the start of the showers that bring out all those May flowers for everyone else.

But for one very rare April 4,

those flowers came out to see me instead.

I know to most of you, an April flower is no big deal and I get that. It's just hard to describe the feeling of warmth and better yet promise, that an early April Daffodil can give a kid on his birthday. Specially when that kid is usually pushing a bit of snow around the driveway instead.

Yet as if just for me on my birthday,

they started popping up everywhere!

April 4th. in Bedrock is not normally the day we'll see this

out on the back deck!

Yet again just for me and my birthday, there it was.

So there I sat on the deck taking it all in and sippin' a killer Scotch, while having one of the best birthdays this kid could've ever imagined. When all of a sudden something else so incredible happened, I could hardly believe my ears!

I say, "hey Peb's, how 'bout a dance?"

"Sure, as soon as something good comes on." she replies.

Just then and apparently just for me on my birthday, the local station we were listening to comes up with this.

Then this,

and this.

I know it can't be true but on my birthday and as if by request just for me, three of my favorite dance tunes in a row. What's really weird is, not one of them is standard on their play list at all and I can guarantee you one thing for certain, they had to blow some dust off of those three albums to get them to play.

I know, I know! It takes so little to make me happy.
But just in case you're not quite sure....


Now I should go and wish the same on my brudder Dr. Chako.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Thanks, brudder!

Glad it was an amazing day. Hoping mine is 1/2 as good.


Memphis MOJO said...

Happy birthday -- sounds like you had a great one!

PokahDave said...

Happy Birthday Bammer! .....little late but better late than never!

Sean D said...

Two amazing men, both born on the same day.

Glad to be your friend bammer!

BWoP said...

Looks and sounds like a perfect day!

Katitude said...

Sorry I'm late with this, but I'm glad you had an AWESOME birthday!

Now, do you think if we made it your birthday everyday, we'd keep having this stellar weather?

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Happy Birthday Bam-Bam!

NumbBono said...

Happy Birthday man, and kudos for dropping a little TPOH into the blogoshpere. Pretty sure I'm the only non-Canuck who not only knows who they are, but loves them.